By clevercr7
Written May 25, 2017
I was new to all this anime movement, but this movie was definitely great, there's just so much more you can with animation...
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By Belle555
Written October 04, 2007
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One of the Best Miyazaki Movies EVER!

By Kemuri134
Written December 27, 2011
This is one of my favorite Hayao Miyazaki movies. I have watched both the subbed and dubbed versions. Normally, the subbed version is better than the dubbed version. However, the dubbed version of this movie is just as good as the subbed. The American voice actors sound just as natural as the Japanese ones, making the movie not awkward at all.
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Hayao Miyazaki has done it again!

By holly300
Written February 07, 2009
well this film is absolutely a must-see!! the dubbing is great, the storyline is amazing, and its based on a book! my only warning is that there are some scary images that might frighten little kids. the storyline might be a little too complex for kids to understand. i guess anyone, hmm... perhaps ages 9+ could understand the stoy. but younger kids might be a little confused at some points. overall its a great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hayao Miyazaki has done it again!!!! :D

By BubblePopper
Written March 05, 2010
I must applaud Miyazaki for being a great director, including Hisaishi's music . This movie is transformed from Diana Wayne Jones novel to a great anime movie. Since it was dubbed with the cast including Christian Bale, I thought how he'll sound like without the corked mouth of his in his Batman movies. God, the movie was spectacular!!! Bale's voice sounds awesome, thank God. The story is about an 18 yr. old girl named Sofie who works at her dad's hat shop during a time of two nations at war. She encounters Howl, a wizard, when he was followed by the Witch of the Wastes' minnions(a fat, greedy witch who dated Howl). She was then turned to an old lady by the Witch's curse when she stood up against her when she called her hats "tacky." She ventures off West to find Howl in reversing the curse. Determined to reverse the spell, Sophie makes friends wtih a fire demon named Calcifer, a boy named Markyl, and scarecrow. The song is beautiful as if you're walking through air. A MUST SEE!
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