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The impact of Allen Ginsberg's landmark poem unfolds, as a court battle wages to ban the book.
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By ChrisNYC
Excellent film about the writing of the famous poem and the immediate impact on its times vis a vis the obscenity trial relating to its publication. James Franco does a remarkable transformation. ...


By mghaft
Unique film. Highly recommend it. James Franco was very good and the animation was really great and tracked the poem so well. You will understand Allen Ginsberg very well after seeing this film , to...

Fans of Franco Must See

By Sheltiemomm
Artists, biolovers, historians, and those who love well made, mature, cerebral movies, will want to see HOWL. I just saw it on cable; it wasn't playing anywhere :( Not for kids under fifteen; older...


By whitney_1117
This is one of the best films that I have seen in years. As someone who does not have an extensive background in literature, I found this movie instructive, as well as amazing. The mixed style...

A big part of this "film" is an animated cartoon

By review_central
Saw it last night. What some reviews don't mention -- and what you really need to know -- is that a very large portion of this movie is an animated cartoon -- literally, a cartoon with cartoon...


By FDoner
Brilliant, sensitive, faithful to Allen Ginsberg's legacy without romanticizing or exploiting it. A very honestly told story. The courtroom drama played well. The filmmakers took a risk with the...

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By nyimage
innovative capturing of the moment...


By marylizmartin

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By audilouise
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Five Word Review

By Fencester
Important film with great acting...

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Rated R | For Strong sexual content including language and images, and for some drug material