How Do You Know review

By Derrick Deane
Written March 20, 2015
You'd think with a cast like Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson sharing the marquee, you'd have a reasonably entertaining movie. How Do You Know starts off somewhat prominising and Owen Wilson remains the only constant bright spot in this movie, delivering his lines with perfect comedic timing and touch. It's the other three on the marquee that fall flat. And the script. And the dialogue. Particularily in the case of Nicholson who play's Rudd's "scary" and "intimdating" father who's being investigated by the federal government for wire fraud. His delivery is so stiff and his hand mannerisms so akin to Lewis Black, that any number of veteran actors looking for a quick paycheck could have played the role (i.e. De Niro in the Fockers series). Witherspoon gives a game effort, but comes off as whiny and neurotic. There's zero chemistry between ANY of these actors and it all concludes in a flat and contrived conclusion that leaves us to figure out what happens next.
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Pleasant but generally mediocre

By RandytheMovieFan
Written December 16, 2010
Saw a sneak preview, had a few laughs and a couple of touching moments. I like Paul Rudd when he plays the straight man working off someone zany, but that's lacking here, leaving him mostly dull to watch a lot of the time. There also was a glaring lack of chemistry between Rudd and Reese Witherspoon, deadening the already predictable climax. Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson helped give some life to the movie playing character types they've done many times before. Overall this is a safe choice, but not anything to get enthusiastic about and certainly not worth more than a rental.
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I am giving this a GO....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written December 21, 2010
....admittedly in part because I don't understand all the hating on this movie.It wasn't full of action or rrated material and not a blockbuster . Is everyone just spoiled? I am not saying rush out,I admit it was a little off in the editing department, and the actors have all had better material,and the ending needed something more to tie it up. BUT,,,,it was fresh and original in the getting together of the main was real in displaying awkwardness in getting together was good work really,and just a unique love story. Nicholson didn't upstage with an earthshaking perf,and that was good in this movie. Wilson was as jerky and clueless as he needed to be without his over the top silliness and that was good for this movie. Rudd and Reese portrayed wanting love at just awful times in their lives really well. No,you don't have to rush out,but I think it was good work.....and clean,as well. Will go once more at matinee price.
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Better than most fan reviews

By mooVsR4me
Written January 01, 2011
I like chick flicks and I like all the main actors in this film. That said, I hoped I would like this movie but I was doubtful due to all of the poor fan reviews. I'm happy to say that I DID enjoy the movie. In my opinion it was NOT BORING or slow, or any of the other negative adjectives used by some reviewers. There IS a decent plot and storyline. You have to pay close attention to everything said by all the characters. It's just as good as most chick flicks. Nothing fabulous but certainly worth seeing. Just focus, all the pieces will fall together and the ending is a "feel good."
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By moffittwm
Written November 27, 2011
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