the masked movie writer

By dragon emperor
Written July 20, 2008
howard the duck was pretty good the only thing that ruined it was the end
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Dont miss this 80s classic

By sckmagic
Written July 26, 2016
Howard the duck dispite bad reviews is really a gem of a movie. The movie for its time had great special effects. You cant take this film seriously and however bad some of the acting is that is part of the over all charm of the film. You'll see Tim Robbins in one of his first films, Jeffrey Jones has a wonderfull transformation into the dark overlord and Lea Thompson who is also surprisingly a talented singer as well as actress sings and plays the music in the film . This movie is packed with action, music, a hint of romance, excelent attention to detail on duck world and an awsome monster at the end. What more could you ask for from a movie based off of a comic book duck. Over all a really goofy and entertaining movie from the 80s. I love it and Im sure you will too.
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"The Worst 80's Movie Ever"

By jerseyjones
Written January 19, 2009
I didn't like this movie at all. I was so stupid. It was not funny at all. It's not interesting. It's just a crappy movie that is not a classic just boring and unreal.
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