House of Numbers Synopsis
Filmmaker Brent Leung questions current philosophies and procedures in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

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Brent Leung's masterpiece

By d-003
Brent Leung's masterpiece "House of Numbers" has the AIDS establishment scrambling to do damage control. Brent presents his documentary non biased, and lets the interviewed individuals tell their side...

Single Pathogen AIDS Theory a "House of {Numbers} Cards", About to Collapse

By Terry Michael
H.L. Mencken wrote: "What begins as a guess--or....a deliberate lie--ends as a fact and is embalmed in history books." Interviewing all major players re: HIV-AIDS, orthodox and dissident, filmed and...


By Dan_jones9k47
This film can save your life. This film can save you relationships. This film can educate you. This film can make you laugh. This film will make you cry. The best documentary I have ever seen. I...

A Shocking Masterpiece

By kstokely2
House Of Numbers is a film like no other and certainly one that will leave you speechless. It is the journey of filmmaker Brent Leung and his worldwide quest to find answers to his questions...

Riveting documentary film on a subject bearing the weight of over 20 years of censorship by an unreasonable scientific orthodoxy

By rsbellmedia
As someone who has followed the scientific debates regarding the cause of AIDS since the early 1990's, I have reported on many of the controversies and inconsistencies with the existing causation...

Five Word Review

By roseinsocal835
Amazing Provoking Intriguing Truth Fantastic...

A masterful performance

By critricnyc
This is a remarkable performance by young documentary maker - Brent Leung has taken the lid off the can of worms that is HIV/AIDS science, which is nothing more than an empty box, according to the...

Five Word Review

By AQ skeptic
Logically questions politically correct research...

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