I was surprised that this movie was actually pretty good.

By nomadtec
Written August 21, 2014
I was surprised that this movie was actually pretty good. It seemed to be just another teen slasher movie, but it ended up being a little more complex and took a couple of turns. Jennifer Lawrence delivers as a street smart teen who has a strong independent streak. She definitely owns this movie and I am looking forward to seeing her in other roles. Elisabeth Shue has a relatively small part as the overprotective mother. It is kind of strange seeing her in such a small role. She still looks very good. This movie is worth a look...
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Some of it works, but not scary

By pedsarq
Written September 27, 2012
A single mom and her teenage daughter are able to afford rent an expensive house in an affluent neighborhood because a gruesome family murder occurred in the house next door. The premise of this movie is interesting. Basically, a young brother is hiding his sister in the basement because she murdered their parents and he feels responsible for her. Enter the girl next door who is attracted to lost causes and an overly protective single mom and what you get is a mess. It can never decide whether to been a movie about a teen dating a college student, or a horror movie about a killer.
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Okay movie ...

By Shabbir
Written May 10, 2013
Not much of a suspense and the climax never happens... If nothing else to watch then it is okay.
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House at the End of The Street

By Pat55
Written October 07, 2012
Loved it. I love spooky movies anyway, so I am already geared to be jumping all over my seat, or close to it. This was good.
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Hell no

By almabooger123
Written July 15, 2013
It is the worst movie ever it dosent even have a point to it do not see it
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