Do not waste your time!!!!! So stupid. No one even dies!!!!!!!

By imagenpeace
Written August 26, 2016
This movie was insanely stupid. Not the story you would think it is! Then they dont even provide you with a background story so you are totally confused why this person is doing the things they do. Then you wait for this little girl to go on a killing spree and it NEVER happens and really she is just trying to escape from her crazy brother. I waited and waited for this girl to kill people like wtf why isnt she trying to even kill anyone! I LOVE horror movies and I can honestly say that I was not scared one time. If anything I was laughing at how stupid the whole plot was. I made this account just to tell you not to waste your movie on it. I'm dead serious unless you are 13 you will not like it and walk out pissed off that you spent your money on it. ITS NOT EVEN THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET! Its right next door! Like a 2min walk, She can see it from her house! Even the title doesn't make seance!
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I have produced farts that are better then this movie

By madzooted
Written May 23, 2015
Acting in the movie is neither good or bad. The characters are just boring. The movie was not scary at all. It did have a few cheap camera scares, but they were not effective. Many people think this movie is good because of the "twist" at the end. People who rated this movie as "must see" believe that only Sherlock Holmes could of seen the "twist" at the end. I was in and out of consciousness during the movie, I was suffering from a severe case of boredom, and still saw the "brain busting twist" at the end. I am tired of these "repeat horror movies" and will no longer support them. This House at the end of street along with the Possession are complete garbage. I want to see more original and new ideas in horror movies, much like the Cabin in the Woods and Drag me to hell have. Save yourself the 7-12 dollars and go watch Resident Evil instead.
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Really slow and predictable

By hknut
Written May 03, 2016
The previews were better than the movie. To review it without giving it away for those who want to see it, I will do my best. The story is slow, they spend almost the entire movie just setting relationships up, but there is no tension or anything to it. Just boring. The ending was predictable and I was glad it was over. My husband, who had a higher tolerance for slow and boring, thought the same thing I did. If you are looking for gore, this movie has none.
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By missymiss405
Written June 27, 2016
Haven't seen a good scary movie in awhile and House At The End Of The Woods was great! After the movie, this was all we talked about! Had a VERY surprising ending that I didn't expect. I give it 10 out of 10 stars! Best movie in a long, long time! Kept my attention the whole time, never a dull moment in the movie. Gives you that "edge of the seat thril"l, too! Ignore the negative comments and JUST SEE IT! =] You won't be disappointed!
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House at the end of the Street

By anthony.campanaro
Written October 01, 2012
While it had an interesting premise there were just too many plot holes in this movie. The mother is supposed to have been a teenage mom who married her musician boyfriend, but still had the time and money to become a doctor. After the murders Ryan was said to have lived in the house with an Aunt for five years. The same Aunt who he had been living with for the previous six years. Apparently no one in town ever saw or spoke with this women and no one thought it strange. There are plenty more. Acting is ok since they had very little story to work with. My guess is if Hunger Games had not been a huge success this would have gone straight to DVD.
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