By babyyxitsy0u
Written December 19, 2014
Although it had all the elements of a scary movie, there psychological aspect of the plot is what I think makes it a "GO". A very nice twist once you figure out what is going on and everything begins to make sense! Personally I LOVED it. Good scare and good plot without the unnecessary overdone blood scenes or any of that!
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By missymiss405
Written September 22, 2012
Haven't seen a good scary movie in awhile and House At The End Of The Woods was great! After the movie, this was all we talked about! Had a VERY surprising ending that I didn't expect. I give it 10 out of 10 stars! Best movie in a long, long time! Kept my attention the whole time, never a dull moment in the movie. Gives you that "edge of the seat thril"l, too! Ignore the negative comments and JUST SEE IT! =] You won't be disappointed!
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Very Boring Beginning....But Gets Good

By ginapooh1969
Written December 26, 2014
My husband & I almost walked out of the movie because the beginning was so slow and seemed to be the same plot of a bunch of movies we had already seen. I'm glad we didn't leave because there was a great twist and I really ended up enjoying the movie in the end. The beginning really lags, but then it gets better.
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Very Good

By johannemlugo
Written August 28, 2014
I am not a fan of scary movies so I really liked the fact that there were no gory scenes, it is very suspenseful and will leave you stunned at the end. I liked it VERY MUCH!
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Some of it works, but not scary

By pedsarq
Written September 27, 2012
A single mom and her teenage daughter are able to afford rent an expensive house in an affluent neighborhood because a gruesome family murder occurred in the house next door. The premise of this movie is interesting. Basically, a young brother is hiding his sister in the basement because she murdered their parents and he feels responsible for her. Enter the girl next door who is attracted to lost causes and an overly protective single mom and what you get is a mess. It can never decide whether to been a movie about a teen dating a college student, or a horror movie about a killer.
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