It's not a bad film, but not great either.

By gcorey77
Written July 25, 2014
The movie was ok. Moves a little slow, but gets better towards 30 minutes into the climatic scenes. I thought it would be more scary, but I was wrong. Would I go see this film again or buy the dvd? Absolutely not. Also why was Elizabeth Shue in this film? I rest my case.
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I was surprised that this movie was actually pretty good.

By nomadtec
Written November 26, 2014
I was surprised that this movie was actually pretty good. It seemed to be just another teen slasher movie, but it ended up being a little more complex and took a couple of turns. Jennifer Lawrence delivers as a street smart teen who has a strong independent streak. She definitely owns this movie and I am looking forward to seeing her in other roles. Elisabeth Shue has a relatively small part as the overprotective mother. It is kind of strange seeing her in such a small role. She still looks very good. This movie is worth a look...
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By HatTruck
Written September 22, 2014
Terrible movie, until the last 20 minutes. Wish there was a fast forward.
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By GraigRMansfield
Written November 24, 2014
I literally laughed out loud during some of the more "violent" parts of this movie. Because when high school kids don't like each other, the first thing they do is take bats to each others cars... and when they're told to stop they start beating someone up 5 on 1... and when the guy fights back they go light his house on fire... It was just so unbelievable. This is the last time I let me GF pick the movie without at least looking it up.
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House at the end of the Street

By anthony.campanaro
Written October 01, 2012
While it had an interesting premise there were just too many plot holes in this movie. The mother is supposed to have been a teenage mom who married her musician boyfriend, but still had the time and money to become a doctor. After the murders Ryan was said to have lived in the house with an Aunt for five years. The same Aunt who he had been living with for the previous six years. Apparently no one in town ever saw or spoke with this women and no one thought it strange. There are plenty more. Acting is ok since they had very little story to work with. My guess is if Hunger Games had not been a huge success this would have gone straight to DVD.
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