Great Thriller

By Mia322
Written February 21, 2017
Go see this but keep in mind its a thriller. NOT a horror film. Its a bummer when your expecting horror. I was lucky to have read a review here explaining that. Great thriller, keeps your interest throughout.
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Not What I expected

By TomW91
Written April 26, 2017
I was expecting the movie to be more 'ghostly' rather than some kid with a mental disorder. The story line was creative, but not well written.
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By denicegalvan
Written May 05, 2016
Not worth it. I expected something better. In my opinion, it sucked. It seemed like a cheap remake of many other psycho next door movies. It's a movie that should be on Lifetime, not theaters.
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Not good

By Dynamic_Derek
Written May 29, 2017
It wasn't a bad story or twist, just everything about the movie was done poorly. The filming, editing, cinematography, dialogue, script, just every single aspect of the movie was bad. Given a competent filmmaker and screenwriter it wouldn't have been half bad. As-is it is a very avoidable movie. Do not pay theater money to see this!!
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Boring until the end, the main actress kept my attention.

By JRSantore
Written April 25, 2017
This movie didn't really have anything going for it until the beginning of the end. So if you go see it, try and hang on until the end. I mainly saw it to look at the very sexy Jennifer Lawrence.
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