House at the End of the Street Synopsis
A mother and daughter move next to the scene of a murder.
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Not What You Would Expect

By melissa.ronnan
I thought this was a haunting movie but it was much better. All of the actors were great, especially Jennifer Lawrence :D The end of the movie really pulls everything together and will leave you...


By Redridinghood0
i know most people below are like "maybe I'll go" i don't no about them, but i Love scary movies! its not that scary but its enough to make my grandma jump out of her skin. its more of a movie that...

It was okay.

By michy7896
I knew the PG-13 rating would limit the scare factor in the film and it really did. It had a good plot and good acting. I think the blood and such was really toned down because of Jennifer's fan...

The house at the ens of the street

By mrfallreev
It must be me, because I jumped out of my skin several times. I wonder sometimes, if I am watching the same movie as everybody else when I read reviews from people who recommend not seeing something...

A By The Numbers Formula Thriller.

By Al P
Nothing new here but the movie's still worth a ticket. The entire production, play, talent, audio and video are mainstream average, as films go. There are plenty of conflicts, lots of resolutions,...


We went into this movie thinking it was gonna be another one of those horror movies that would scare the stuff out of us, but it was more of a thriller than anything which in our opinion made it work...

Great Thriller

By twschaible
Can't believe the poor reviews - this was an exciting movie. It was a mind twister with all the puzzle pieces coming together. Some very scary parts!! It is well worth the ticket, sit back and...


By anchorgirl08
Overall, a pretty good movie. Not really scary, but more of a thriller. It will keep you guessing most of the time. Ending definitley has a twist you won't expect! The acting is good from everyone....

House at the End of the Street

By ffastje
The Movie is just OK. It is worth seeing if you dont have anything else you want to see. The story seems it has been done before and the acting is pretty good. PG 13 is a good rating for this movie...

Not worth seeing

By misslantz
The preview for this movie is better than the actual movie itself. I about fell asleep during it. Its not at all scary and not what you think its about either. Dont see it!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense sequences of violence and terror, thematic elements, language, some teen partying and brief drug material
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