House (1977) Synopsis
Seven young women begin to disappear while staying at a spooky old place.
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The only way out is in

By Kalamity93
Very good book very good movie only flaw is they should have used the books ending and Where was the army of Jacks and Stephanies? they shouldn't have changed so much from the book to the movie. Ted...

I am so glad!!!

By Dragonwing84
This is the first time that a movie from a book has not let me down! I am so glad!...

c da movie!!!!

By Pirate rock 21
Don't b stupid c the movie. i don't read books that often inless its 4 school, but this book is definitely worth reading. i watch the movies or start reading the book than the book takes me so long 2...


By JoFi_no
I JUST READ THE BOOK VERY GOOD! Before u watch the movie u should read the book first!!! I am SOOO going to watch the movie when it comes out! in the photo of the tin man! HE LOOKS SO AWKWARD then...


By ladyw0lf
It was ok, not like the horror movies I used to watch.. of course it could be that as I have gotten older and matured they just aren't scary anymore. It is kind of like if youv'e seen one you've...

House is Better than Expected

By SpencerCarson
My friend was way way way excited for this, so for her birthday I took her to it. We also brought 2 other friends along who had all read the books and we loved it. It was seriously amazing! I was...

You've got to see House in theaters!

By RedFrosty
I've seen the movie and it's awesome! I'm recommending it to everyone! The story is cool (unpredictable and full of twists) as you've read in the book, the cast is great and the scenes are all creepy!...

Soul Men

By laloony
This movie was GREAT!!!!!!!! It was so funny from beginning to end.This is a must see. I recomend this to anyone who wants to laugh their butt off. This is truly a great memory of Bernie Mac....

One of the best book to movies I've ever seen.

By Angelofthenight
I thoroughly enjoyed House! Great movie, stuck very close to the book! Definitely would recommend anyone having read the book to go see this! Only disappointment was the christian aspect wasn't as...

Exciting Movie

By melmelx
I got the chance to see this early and I loved it. Its not a horror movie but its exciting to watch. Without giving anything away, but the ending is definitely a twist and totally unexpected. I never...

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Rated R | For some violence and terror