Great storyline

By GypsyWoman516
Written December 17, 2013
First thing first. I am a HUGE fan of Paul Walker since seeing Pleasantville. Hence my interest in seeing this movie when I saw the trailer before he died. With that being said, storyline was perfect. I just wish that there was more meat and substance. But then this is not "Running Scared" nor Vehicle 19, Takers or the Lazarus Project. Here is a man faced with adversity with time ticking away The ending happened surprisingly quick, no drescendo leading to it so I felt cheated in a way. I believe it's worth it to see it because most only know Paul's work on the Fast Franchise. There is more to him which the world will not see anymore and for that I am sad.
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Beautiful film

By tammy123z
Written December 14, 2013
Paul Walker's acting is amazing, he is almost the only one in the movie and builds emotions off himself. Flashbacks provide laughs. Touching story.
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By alvarezana27
Written December 17, 2013
This movie was badly written and extremely boring. Don't waste your time or money like I did!
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By robmoviefan
Written December 14, 2013
It was alright cried in the end sad movie
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Very boring movie

By aakwhitle
Written December 18, 2013
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