What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Hot Tub Time Machine is like a college party weekend, filled to the rim with profanity, sex and sex talk, as well as drugs, alcohol, and a little fighting. Several sex scenes, which include topless women and some bare male bottoms, as well as near constant profanity (from "f--k" to "p----y"), make this a decidedly adult movie. One big joke involves the possibility of a straight man performing a sex act on his straight male friend. Some comedic drug and alcohol scenes, along with the film's focus on men re-evaluating their middle-age lives, also pushes it into mature territory. Older teens might enjoy the movie, but it's definitely intended for adults who remember the 1980s and grew up enjoying these kinds of teen party movies, especially those starring John Cusack (Better Off Dead, The Sure Thing, etc.). 
  • Families can talk about the concepts of change and regret. What do you wish you could change or do over again? Is it ever too late to change your lives? Is it impossible, or just more difficult, as one gets older?
  • What did you think about the drugs and alcohol in the movie? Is it OK to use these subjects for humor?
  • What kinds of things keep friends together over many years? What kinds of things cause them to drift apart? Are these a good or bad?
  • What would life have been like in the 1980s? Does it seem simpler and more appealing (without Internet or texting), or does it seem primitive and impossible?
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