let down

By InstallGentoo
Written July 27, 2007
my main problem was the fact that the previews showed all the funny parts. the first opening scene is when he jumps over the uninforced ramp and crashes. The story line was like something from a spongebob episode, where he must raise enough money for his step father by doing outrageous things for cash. Wait till it comes out on DVD or HBO.
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Just ok

By ninjamaster62
Written April 29, 2008
Kind of a funny movie, but not for everyone. Definitely a strange kind of humor. Also, most all of the funniest parts are in the commercials.
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So bad I couldn't even watch it on the plane

By marthamoviewatcher
Written March 01, 2008
While I enjoy Samberg's SNL digital shorts, this just seemed to be a bunch of them strung together. I watched about half of it on an airplane and then took my headphones off. I was on a five hour flight and had absolutely nothing else to do to pass the time and couldn't watch the last half of the movie. That's how bad it was. It was written by Pam Brady who writes for South Park - and I'm a HUGE South Park fan - but this movie just didn't work.
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Hot Rod: Not A Hot Moivie

By movie_buffster.imax2thema
Written August 07, 2007
Hot Rod started off funny but a few minutes into the movie I knew it would be stupid. The acting was terrible! The story was so stupid and there was really only one funny part and it was Rod falling down a hill. He came out without a scratch but when he falls of his motor bike he almos dies. A very stupid part was when he was with his brother and he keeps repeating the words "Cool Beans." And also when he was about to do his stunt he looks at animals in his head. One more thing, The whole movie sucks! When it ended I actually screamed "Boo." DO NOT waste your money on this movie. I hope that it dosen't make anymore money and I hope that the actors are never in any other movie again. I advise you not to see the Worlds Worst movie ever.
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By DeFrAgMeNt101
Written July 27, 2007
it was a waste of money, my brain is leaking out the side of my head right now because of the stupid corny jokes. I had a relasp from this movie because it reminded me of napoleon Dynamite way to much. the plotline was cheasy, the acting was like a elementary school play. My best bet is get it on DVD, then you can stop it whenever you want to and return it to get your money back and say the DVD is scratched.
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