Hot Rod Synopsis
An accident-prone daredevil (Andy Samberg) plans a big stunt to raise money for surgery.
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let down

By InstallGentoo
my main problem was the fact that the previews showed all the funny parts. the first opening scene is when he jumps over the uninforced ramp and crashes. The story line was like something from a...

Just ok

By ninjamaster62
Kind of a funny movie, but not for everyone. Definitely a strange kind of humor. Also, most all of the funniest parts are in the commercials....

So bad I couldn't even watch it on the plane

By marthamoviewatcher
While I enjoy Samberg's SNL digital shorts, this just seemed to be a bunch of them strung together. I watched about half of it on an airplane and then took my headphones off. I was on a five hour...

Hot Rod: Not A Hot Moivie

By movie_buffster.imax2thema
Hot Rod started off funny but a few minutes into the movie I knew it would be stupid. The acting was terrible! The story was so stupid and there was really only one funny part and it was Rod falling...


By DeFrAgMeNt101
it was a waste of money, my brain is leaking out the side of my head right now because of the stupid corny jokes. I had a relasp from this movie because it reminded me of napoleon Dynamite way to...

Waste of Time and Money

By MellyMel212
I saw a sneak preview of this movie and 5 minutes into it I wanted to walk out!! I'm glad it was a free preview because I would not pay $1.00 to see this movie, it SUCKED!!...

Hot Rod.....Poo Poo

By Sy105
See the trailer and you have seen the Movie.........Not very good at all!!!!!...

Hot Rod

By samanthugg
Not very good at all...

One of the best

By Dankscarver
Take Talageda Nights and multiply the comedy by 4, and some crazy ***stunts and some funny original songs and you have Hot Rod. One of the Best this year. This is a must go. I laughed though the...

Watched a pre-screening last night

By ngarnsey
I was at a special pre-screening of this film last night and will say this about one movie every year...this is the absolute worst movie made this year, nothing can possibly beat this for the worst...

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