Guess it was the british humor?

By H3OIndra
Written August 16, 2007
Don't get me wrong, I got a few laughs out of the movie and I got when they were telling a joke - I just didn't find it funny most of the time. I did like the way the movie made fun of our normal Hollywood shoot-em-up action films. Maybe it's a blend of Bad Boys (quoted in the movie) and Monty Python? It's worth a rental if you can't find anything else to watch.
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By dontaskyoudontwannaknow
Written May 11, 2007
I loved Shawn of the Dead. I saw this film last night and though I thought they could have shortened some of the car chase scenes, overall, i thought it was great. Well-acted, funny, sharp, and even sweet in spots. Nothing too cerebral, but a fun way to waste a couple of hours.
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Shaun of the Dead has nothing on Hot Fuzz

By RisingPhoenix
Written June 17, 2007
The title says it all. If you liked Shaun of the Dead, you're going to love Hot Fuzz. This movie is hilariously funny. Unlike most comedies these days, which usually degenerate into slapstick-so-stupid-it's-funny movies, Hot Fuzz stands on it's own two feet and never falls into this category. Simon Pegg's Nick Angel is the kind of cop that would put most other characters of the same ilk to shame. When he first comes into Sandford's pub, he finds that most of it's patrons are under age. So what does he do? He arrests them all. Most of the early jokes in the movie revolve around him trying and failing to fit in to the village. Remember the swan! Things slow down a little once people start dying, and Hot Fuzz (just like Shaun of the Dead), shows it's serious side. But in the last act, when the action explodes, the comedy returns 10 fold with the funniest moments in the movie. And during the slow bits, never once does the pace falter. All in all, a must see movie that everyone should see.
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Haven't laughed so hard in...ever!

By markio
Written April 22, 2007
Really great, well done buddy-cop story. FUnniest I've seen in a long time.
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What a piece of crap

By swebb1372
Written May 10, 2007
I cant believe my friends actually talked me into seeing this waste of a time, there was no humor and it was the worst movie ive seen
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