hot fuzz

By adh50
Written May 18, 2007
the film started quite slowly and i thought that this was going to be another over-rated film, i was expecting a lot, i loved shaun of the dead and was looking forward to the same insane action. if you can make it past the first half an hour you are in for a rare treat. this film has everything, even an old lady being drop kicked by the hero(and for good reason)this film does not dissapoint and had me in stitches on quite a few occasions. the scene in the pub were the two stars have their first real conversation is truly memorable. a must see film if you loved shaun of the dead
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The reviewers must be studio plants or British

By redfueldelux
Written April 23, 2007
After reading some of these reviews I couldn’t wait to see this movie. But after sitting thru the first 30 min without so much as a chuckle, I started to question if this was actually a comedy. It wasn’t until the credits that I realized that virtually every funny moment in the movie was shown in the trailers and commercials. It’s not that I don’t get British humor no matter how dry it is, it’s just that this movie isn’t funny. I’m now a firm believer that no matter how hard they try, Britain just isn’t in the same league as Hollywood films. This film was from the creators of Shaun of the Dead….(A movie which wasn’t very funny either). Which is appropriate since it’s basically the same movie without the zombies. The language and graphic gore is right on pair and pointless. To the films credit, it’s decent, but If you really want to see this movie, wait for the rental.
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Damn U Regal Cinema!!

By cpaight
Written April 20, 2007
Not one location showing this in Ft. Myers!! Bring us the Fuzz!!
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Hot Fuzz is one Hot movie

By Yukon
Written April 22, 2007
Hot Fuzz is an awesome movie that everyone can enjoy. It is the biggest movie of awesomeness ever!
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greatest movie ever

By xxkarmaxx
Written December 24, 2007
When i saw this movie it wuz awsum it is my favorite movie of all time. When there is 30 or 45 minutes left of the movie it has the best action i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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