By tsunamimom
Written February 21, 2007
I have just returned from a vacation in England where I saw this movie and am dismayed that I have to wait until 20th April to see it again. From start to finish this film is total entertainment; from the choppy, fast forward style of scene progression to the all star cast, this is a definite must see. Fabulously over the top violence, classic English country town setting and Simon and Nick's great chemistry makes for a brilliant 'Must Go' 'Must Buy' movie - go see it!
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By JDavidVallejo
Written April 28, 2015
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hot fuzz

By jameseedwards
Written June 01, 2007
Really funny movie, well written, good acting, and good ending. This movie was a treat. I saw Shaun of the Dead. I think this was a better movie. Best movie I have seen since Freedom Writers.
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By mikeandash
Written April 22, 2007
Simon Pegg rules! the movie was great and a must go to the fans of Shaun of the Dead.
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Very entertaining and worth the money!

By Souldrifter
Written April 22, 2007
I haven't seen Shaun of the Dead, but now I want to go pick up the DVD after seeing Hot Fuzz. I remember seeing Nick Frost in "Kinky Boots" and it seems he's showing up everywhere now... which is not a bad thing, because he's very talented and fun to watch. I think this was the first film I've seen Simon Pegg in and if this is any indiciation, I'm going to dig up some of his other films. This was an awesome buddy cop flick, and funny as hell... the "violent and graphic images" don't overpower the film, so I wouldn't call it gratuitious. You don't need to understand British humor to get this film... although some of the jokes are subtle, but that makes them that much funnier. The ending was AWESOME, and easily one of the best in this genre (I don't want to give anything away, sorry for the vagueness). And, you get Timothy Dalton as a villainous supermarket manager!
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