Comedy Done Well

By satuple
Written May 26, 2007
The filmmakers, just as they did in Shaun of the Dead, combined silly but intelligent humor with action and suspense to create utter hilarity. This is superior to your typical mediocre comedy being cranked out by Hollywood now a days and is an ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!
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By BlueRain77
Written May 18, 2007
I saw this movie in England when it first came out. It is fabulous! I laughed so hard and was even grossed out a couple times (not too horrible but defintely worth the rated R). If you like British humour, and you like a little bit of gore and LOTS of action, definitely take a chance to see this on the big screen!
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By dontaskyoudontwannaknow
Written May 11, 2007
I loved Shawn of the Dead. I saw this film last night and though I thought they could have shortened some of the car chase scenes, overall, i thought it was great. Well-acted, funny, sharp, and even sweet in spots. Nothing too cerebral, but a fun way to waste a couple of hours.
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What a piece of crap

By swebb1372
Written May 10, 2007
I cant believe my friends actually talked me into seeing this waste of a time, there was no humor and it was the worst movie ive seen
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Not as good

By Joe1203
Written April 22, 2007
Definitely not as good as everyone said, but still had its good and funny parts
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