Comedy Done Well

By satuple
Written May 26, 2007
The filmmakers, just as they did in Shaun of the Dead, combined silly but intelligent humor with action and suspense to create utter hilarity. This is superior to your typical mediocre comedy being cranked out by Hollywood now a days and is an ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!
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Hot Fuzz

By Kimberly Woo
Written June 15, 2007
Hysterical, brilliantly-written, moving, scary, gross... Great acting. Scenes that make you laugh and feel guilty about laughing because it's all so... wrong. Would I recommend it to friends? YARP.
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FUZZ is ****-and-Bull

By jtsiewert
Written April 22, 2007
Hot Fuzz is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
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One of the best movies EVER

By movielover811
Written May 11, 2008
This movie is soo funny and simon pegg(Nicholas Angel) does a wonderful job acting in it.This is one of my favorite movies ever and I totally recomend seeing it.
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By WanderingAdyn
Written March 03, 2008
I laughed my **** off over this movie. Great! great! british humor. A comedy for anyones collection
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