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Funny and Sweet!

By LauraKenney
Written March 23, 2017
Took my 7 year old daughter and we really enjoyed it! Surprised me that it was a sweet movie - as well as funny. Really enjoyed Adam Sandler as the Count and all the other comedians were great too! I would only caution that little children may be scared of the monsters - would recommend for ages 6 and up.
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Fun Movie

By cehcah
Written September 28, 2016
My eight year old son and i loved this movie!! Alot of funny parts that kept him laughing throughout the movie. I enjoyed all of the different characters and the plot was easy to follow. Will definently buy this when it comes out on DVD,hopefully in 3D!!!
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Hotel Transylvania

By shawkaren14
Written March 24, 2017
This movie is a must see for adults as well as children. There is so much humor, wonderful subtleties throughout, we just laughed outloud. I believe this is the most creative animated movie I have seen in years. I went with my son and his 4 boys, ages 5-13, we all loved it!! I will go again this next week with my other grandson, age 13. You will come away wanting to see it again too!!
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Cute movie with a contemporary twist.

By bandrade82
Written December 05, 2016
I thought the movie was cute and entertaining. The story typical. However having the spooky cast of characters makes it different and fun. I thought the Adam Sandberg character carazmatic and loveable. My 3 yr old niece loved it and I wasn't dying of bordom. So that's a plus, because in the end that's what it's all about.
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Great Movie!

By suzybeara
Written February 19, 2017
This was a great movie. I was unsure at first if my son would like it or not. He did and so did I. This will be added to our movie collection when it comes out on DVD. I say GO!
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