Cute but very few laughs

By jhs39
Written September 29, 2012
This is probably a fine film for children but seeing it as an adult I expected it to be much funnier--even mildly amusing would have been a big improvement.
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By LoveRomance1216
Written September 29, 2012
I took 4 kids ages 7-9 and they all loved it. A bunch of monsters but not scary. Great soundtrack so the kids were dancing during the movie. A fun time.
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By kyliegach21
Written November 22, 2014
I took the kids I babysit to see the movie. I'm 17 and both the kids and I LOVED it! It was everything you look for in a movie for all ages. It was so funny and captured the perfect characteristics found in a father-daughter relationship. I STRONGLY suggest going weither with the family or if you just need a funny movie to check out.
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Adam Sandler has found his calling...

By rc21839
Written October 08, 2012
This is a really cute feel good kinda movie. I belive Adam Sandler should stick to animated movies as this was a real gem...laughs in all the right places and my boys and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Oh Yeah Transylvania

By aprhj
Written September 29, 2012
We, 2 adults and 3 kids ages 3, 8 & 8, really enjoyed Hotel Transylvania. Overall a good storyline about eventually giving your child some freedom to create their own life. Some good undertones: being truthful, finding the good in people, and loyalty. Some adult humor and some great voices. Good family movie.
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