Kids will enjoy this, but adults not so much

By the_dvdking
Written October 21, 2016
The movie seemed to drag on too much. It was the same boy meets girl story that we see over and over again. Keep in mind, Shreik did this as well, but this is no Shreik. No cute inside jokes that adults would find entertaining. Given that, the animation is very well done and so is the 3-D.
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Funny funny funny

By tooltime2u
Written October 01, 2012
A great entertaining film that had us all laughing openly, with nostalgia and with the clever use of the contemporary... great for all ages, but some of the nostalgia will be lost on those not really familiar with the "monster" that started so many years ago... 3D is a good bump too!
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Nice movie, the kids liked it.

By CaptainKaos
Written February 23, 2017
This movie was like eating Tofu. it did the job, you'll be full afterwards and it was bland. The jokes we're not there, its was sort of a Despicable Me rip off with the whole single Dad thing and the monsters. There were a few parts of rushed plot hoping that a simple action can create a bond. Again the kids will like it, the adults will tolerate it.
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Hotel Transylvania

By ladyhealer
Written September 29, 2012
One grandmother, two parents, two kids 8 and 5, and one 18 year old: We ALL enjoyed the movie. It was hilariously written and great fun for the whole family. Literally. The sweet relationship between parents and children (even ghoulish ones) was very refreshing. HOWEVER, save your money and see this WITHOUT blowing your 3-D dollars!! WHY are these fake barely 3-D movies allowed to be billed as 3-D?
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Mediocre at best

By kenhahn
Written October 06, 2012
Especially following on the heels of "Tangled", I'm disappointed with the trend of the classic overtold teen love story creeping into modern kid's animation. Not only do I find a blandness in the plot, I also find a pretty big gap in the subject matter vrs what I think the intended age group is. Then wrap it in cheese. Add in genderfication and the glorification of cookie-cutter-bland modern pop music for the outro, and this is one I'd have steered my 7 year old away from. What happened to Shrek and Monster's Inc?
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