So glad i went to see this movie

By amkworld
Written February 23, 2017
i'm not the greatest fan of animated movies, but i absolutely adore animated Halloween movies. I am so glad i went to go see Hotel Transylvania. This movie exceed my expectations. Adam Sandler did a great job as Dracula. I don't typically like Adam Sandler movies, but i think he did a really good job in this one. The movie was filled with tons of laughter good for the whole family, even grandma ... The only bad thing i have to say about Hotel Transylvania, is if you don't like getting movie saying stuck in your head, then don't go, other than that have fun saying "BLAHHH BLAH BLAHHH" or "I didn't do that" for the next couple of days.. you'll know what i mean once you see it!
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Great Family movie

By Brandeeliciousbiotch
Written August 29, 2016
I am so glad that I went to see this movie with my kids! I was laughing the whole time. Adam Sandler is by far the best actor ever!!!
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Hotel Transylvania Rocks in 3D!!

By katiejo58
Written March 30, 2017
We took our 8 year old granddaughter to a 3:00 matinee show after school on Friday. I think because it was early there weren't many people in the theater. Well, I never heard my granddaughter laugh so much during a show as she did this one... Adam Sandler has definitely got yet another hit!!. I laughed, and I teared up at times, and had a great time watching the movie. The 3D was exceptional, but I would have liked to have seen it in IMAX 3D to compare detail. I highly recommend that everyone and anyone go see this amusing tale of Dracula finally realizing he can no longer "control" his daughter. I would definitely go see it again and WILL purchase the DVD when it comes out to add to my collection!
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By Nanna57
Written September 29, 2012
My son Greg, his son Dalton, Myself, my other son Dawson, and my Mother Shirley (Also Dawson and Daltons Great Grandmother) all went to the 3-D version. It was a sweet movie and we all enjoyed. I recommend it for all ages. We had a great family day. LOVED IT!!!!!!!
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Hotel Transylvania

By Midnightblue527
Written May 25, 2017
What a great movie ! I took 3 of my grandchildren 2 see it and we all loved it. Sometimes it's hard to sit thru children movies. But I loved it as much as them.....Great Movie Thanks !
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