Hotel Transylvanie

By 4kidcrazy
Written November 13, 2012
The kids enjoyed it and the animation was well done but it was just ok for the grown ups. It was Adam Sandler humor for sure with lots of potty jokes along the way. Wreck it Ralph was so much better.
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HOTel MESSylvania

By mral
Written September 29, 2012
Scale of 1-10, 10 being best Character development = 1 Character personalities= 4 Plot = 4 Story= 1 Visuals = 8 Soundtrack=6 Adult Comedic value = 5 7y/o Comedic value = 7 Mindless Fun = 8
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Family Fun

By Mr_Runningfish
Written September 30, 2012
My son and I loved it. I felt like a little kid, laughing and commenting along with all the children in the theater. So much fun! If you want to see a film with your children that isn't a chore to watch, check it out!
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Hotel Transylvania

By Jdedora
Written October 01, 2012
Great movie, I took my grand son with me and we both loved it, good story,funny, music was great. Fun movie all the way, must see
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Great for kids

By ddomer
Written October 28, 2012
It is a great movie, but for a message for kids there is one. It shows to accept adversity, and to get alone with each other!!!
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