Calling all Dog LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By strawberri234
Written January 13, 2009
I love dogs and so i'll definately love this awesome movie! A MUST watch!
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A Must See for Any Animal Lover!!!!!! Best Movie on Air!!!

By clemsonj9
Written January 16, 2009
I think that by seeing all of the sneek peeks of this movie, this is the best movie to ever go on air. This movie fetures Emma Roberts, a very good actress on Nickolodeon. This movie is a must see for any kid or animal lover. No matter what you are told about this movie, it IS the BEST MOVIE EVER!!! This movie has great effects, and much, much more! When you are watching the clips, you forget your even watching something recorded!! You feel loke you are actully there where it it happening. This movie is the GREATEST ANIMAL MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!
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Hotel For Dogs Prescreening Review

By cmotte
Written December 27, 2008
I viewed the Prescreening for this movie and it was terrific. My children loved it as well. Kyla Pratt is a TOP actress, in my opinion. I loved her in this movie as well. Take the children they will love it and you will too, especially if you love animals. Do something good to help somone. God Bless
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Wasn't sure from previews but really cute

By momofpeazulpie
Written January 05, 2009
Based on the previews I thought the movie could go either way but we were invited to a preview this past weekend and we all loved it. The kids really loved it a lot and the grownups liked it too. I think Emma Roberts is so darling. She will surely transition into an adult actress like Anne Hathaway has. I was surprised a big name such as Don Cheetle was in the movie but he was a great addition. The only negative I can speak of is Lisa Kudrow. I'm sure she made enough on Friends to retire and she should. Every role she plays she is Phoebe. All in all it is a solidly good movie.
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dogs are great

By meladawy
Written January 30, 2009
If you love dogs then this is a must see. It is not as good as Marley and me but it is funny and exciting. I walked out happy.
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