By meg547p
Written June 10, 2007
it was an okay movie until it got to the end... i would hae waited for the dvd release had i known
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Eli Roth's HOSTEL

By lugubriousthespian
Written November 18, 2008
What starts out as a very intriguing, titalating and suspenseful tale of idiot youths getting in way over their heads in a foreign land soon degenerates into bloodbath of almost unprecedented gore and mutilation. You truly want to root for the protagonist ( ably played by Jay Hernandez ) who seems to have a pretty level head even when he realizes he is the last of his friends to have been lured into a kill-for-profit deathtrap in a remote Slovakian village during a Euro backpacking trip. Not without it's suspenseful scenes, but ROth manages to underminge every ounce of credibility he establishes with unbelievable amounts of exploitation. To say it's not for the faint of heart would be a GROSS understatement!! Must've done wonders for tourism abroad for teens seeking adventure!!
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Hostel review

Written February 10, 2012
Good Flick!
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By mike.cameron1
Written June 14, 2007
This movie was good but not as good as the first.
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By MaySizzle
Written February 23, 2008
this was more of a porno than a horror movie and there really was no blood and torturing every time something good was about to happen it cut away from it the only "decent" part was towards the ending
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