Do not waste your time or money.

By BlackSpidey
Written June 12, 2007
Hostel 2 is a poor excuse for a horror sequel. Director Eli Roth failed miserably when trying to create an actual story out of the sequel. What made the first film popular (graphic, violent gore, sexy women and nudity) Is nowhere to be found in this boring, pointless film. The two or three gory scenes in the film are so ridiculously fake and at sometimes funny. The acting was so poorly done, you know exactly what is going to happen and when, it is that predictable. There is really no way you can take this movie seriously. I wasn't even happy when the movie was over because of the fact that there can and most likely will be a third installment in the series.
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By glxy2
Written January 28, 2009
awful horror movie and a let down. the guy on the train that went in lorna's cabin was the scariest ****in thing ive ever seen in a movie. if you saw the 1st movie, youll like this. if you didn't, you're not missing out on anything.
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By brendon_c
Written January 18, 2009
With all due respect to Mr. Roth, Hostel is a really bad attempt at trying to be better than the saw franchise. And it obviously didn't work. This movie was bad. Whether it was the acting, the story, or the bad predictable twist ending, it was all just a mess. But the ending was a shocker. i'll give Hostel Part II some credit for having a cringe enducing ending.
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crap crap crap

By eldrakeo
Written July 27, 2008
Ok there is no point to this movie and the girl bathing herself in blood is in stay alive as well its an old legend about a lady named elizabeth and they ripped it off, EVEN worse than Hostel one
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By dlabes
Written June 06, 2007
Man I can't wait until Friday! I have highly anticipated the release of this sequel. Eli Roth is my second favorite director and he never disappoints me. Yes his stuff is gruesome and gory but that is just how mama likes it lol. The more gory it is the better. YEA Hostel 2! Plus I hope Bijou Phillips gets it. I think that ***** rocks but it's even better if I can watch her die a sick ***death! OOOO Face... scatch moded. Eli is the best!
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