Funny movie

Written August 01, 2011
It was pretty funny.... I did not really know what it was about, as the previews were hiding most of the funny parts... but I really enjoyed it... and to see Jennifer in this movie - oh wow... that is one DVD I'll be buying in Blu Ray and hopefully have an unrated version....
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A good laugh.

By ksorrenti
Written July 12, 2011
Great comic surprise of the summer.
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Laugh out loud

By gmorelos
Written July 24, 2011
Very funny with good acting and good story. Some very funny laugh out loud parts. Fun time at the movies...
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By dith
Written August 01, 2011
I was a little bit skeptical of seeing this movie since the previews were your average run of the mill comedy but can I say SURPRISED!!! It was so funny!!! It was actually a good movie it had a little twist in you can be a idiot and guess what it is or.... you can be smart and go see the movie!!
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By nhraracer90
Written January 14, 2012
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