Horrible Bosses review

By laurenkv
Written October 07, 2011
Hilarious!!! Loved this movie. Definitely a must see!
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By nhraracer90
Written January 14, 2012
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By thinkingcoststime
Written July 08, 2011
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Pornographic, foul mouthed, disgusting celluloid trash!!!

By yeshualovesu2
Written September 20, 2011
I am resolved after seeing this film that I will not be seeing anymore rated R films and my stop going to movies altogether. I am sick of the foul language and pornographic dialogue and scenes in movies that just don't need to be in films. This is being done on purpose by Hollywood. The destruction of Christian values in our society. The next time I see a film that is headed in the same old filthy disgusting direction, I am getting up and demanding my money back. Calling all believers in The Lord Jesus Christ, stop giving your money to the purveyors of filth in Hollywood!
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Loved it! Hilarious!

By LeeMee
Written July 09, 2011
Casted perfectly, great story, and overall fun to watch. Laughed most of the time through the movie. Liked this at least as much as Bridesmaids, maybe even more.
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