By rfthomas19
Written July 10, 2011
I really didn't know what to expect because lately I'll go see movies that look like they'll be funny and they turn out to be romantic comedies, but this movies was so so so so funny and I would even pay the ridiculous movie theater prices just to see it again!!!
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Horrible Bosses!

By sasehra
Written July 11, 2011
Must go watch this movie... Everyone has once worked for a manager or boss in their lifetime that they certainly hate... Love the way this movie depicts that...
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very funny!!!

By reefdreamer
Written July 23, 2011
I was afraid that the best parts of the movie were in the trailer, but I was wrong! This was a great movie that I will recommend to all of my friends.
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so funny!

By lauren826
Written July 23, 2011
Very funny movie. Kept you entertained and laughing throughout. Great acting by all.
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Good cast

By csmovies83
Written July 23, 2011
This raunchy comedy is pretty good with an excellent cast.
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