Horns Synopsis
In the aftermath of his girlfriend's mysterious death, a young man awakens to strange horns sprouting from his temples.
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It's more than a Halloween movie

By theelderk
This is a beautiful and intriguing movie. Daniel Radcliffe gives an intense and nuanced performance that rewards your suspension of disbelief. The film itself is wonderfully shot and scored. The...

Wow! Good bye Harry Potter, Hello Iggy

By apando326
This was a very surprising movie! It was so good. Effects were awesome, the story line was twisty, imaginative and kept me guessing. The acting was very well done. I had a hard time at first seeing...

Best thriller I have seen in a long time

By forthefutureproducti

Completely unexpected

By hpeterson22
I wanted to see this movie because I wanted to see Daniel Radcliffe do something that separated himself from Harry Potter; this movie did that for me. Radcliffe really did an amazing job playing a...

A for atmosphere.

By bradleyadailey
Great tone and style. For a film that paints itself as a surreal noir, the answer to the mystery was a real letdown. I would watch again, though....

Good not Great

By indjeff
This movie is a little slow and gorey in spots. It was a good but somewhat strange movie. Dark humor peppered throughout. Good but not great....


By excaly383
what just happened? Dan is really good though....

By shipwreck_1973
An interesting concept that lacked direction. It started as a drama, switched to dark comedy, switched to supernatural Who Done It, and then finally redemption play. At the end it collapsed under...

Amazing, Funny, and Dan Radcliffe Rocks this Character!

By Abraxan
"Horns" has lots of humor mixed in with the suspense, mystery and horror, making it overall far more entertaining than other horror films I've seen. I really like the mix of genres and how they...

Worst movie even

By colombiana4eva22
I don't know why this move is classified as a suspense/thriller. It was very boring. I found the plot line to be very shallow and overall the effects were not good. I wish I had never wasted 2 hours...

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Rated R | For Disturbing Violence, A Sexual Assault, Some Graphic Nudity, Drug Use, Language and Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Intense horror-fantasy material. Harry Potter this isn't.
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