You'll love it

By SheltieDad
Written August 09, 2012
Meryl does it again with an outstanding performance sure to get her another Oscar. And Tommy Lee is at his best at well. Overall an excellent movie that anyone in a relationship should see. And so good you'll probably want to see it a second time.
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therapy session

By hawkeye914
Written August 12, 2012
2 of my favorite actors play thier roles near perfect New England setting has great eye appeal funny in places-- entertaining-- thought provoking If you've been married any length of time-- or "in a relationshio'--expect some of the questions the therapist poses --to be posed to you by your significant other after seeing this movie
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Hope Springs Very Powerful

By wgm52grits
Written August 09, 2012
WOW! What a powerful movie about growing older and not giving up on life with messages about not accepting that you have to repeat the blah patterns of earlier generations. About trying to move out of your comfort zones. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones were fabulous in their roles -- so much of the movie is conveyed thru body language and facial expressions. Steve Carell was also good, but I kept waiting for him to do one of his silly shticks. Hope he makes the transition to more serious roles, and this is a first step. Loved that my husband saw much of himself in Arnold's character! Take your husband and GO GO GO!
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Real LIfe

By fun_movie_watcher
Written August 09, 2012
This movie is a definite must see! It is about real life for older couples who have been together a long time. The actors did a fantastic job with their parts as everyone in the movie seemed to associate with them.
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Very Sobering!

By linda1224
Written August 09, 2012
This movie hit way too close to home. I found myself squirming in the seat and sad at the end for fear that my marriage may not be so salvagable. There were few funny parts (only the ones in the trailers, really), and I found the theater to be so quiet at times in the movie that you could "hear a pin drop." I think it must have been a bit sobering for everyone else too. I do recommend it for couples who have been married 10+ years - but not for newlyweds or those considering a lifelong commitment unless they realize that the message is to not give up or let go of each other through the "life happens" events. Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell were fantastic - as expected! They played the part so well that it was hard to disconnect the fact that it was "just a movie." So good to see Steve Carell play a serious role too - fantastic job, great camera angles - excellent!
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