Issues rang very True!

By bunr
Written August 16, 2012
I am a senior (woman) who confronted these very issues. I know others and their marriages who would say the same. This movie DID NOT answer how this couple overcame the problems of long term marriage, which involve major CHANGE in behavior and personality. I feel it is close to impossible for most of us. However...the actiing by these two professionals was very good. the cinematography excellent. This is a very adult film. Do not take youngsters. Even late teens, early twenties would laugh. Some of the scenes did not seem realistic at all, but on the whole the movie makes an impression. You feel as if you are in a therapy session. Streep often seemed "wimpy" but that was the character. I couldn't believe Jones's action in some of the scenes. Many may identify with this couple as I did. 32 years was the crisis point in my own marriage. Mine did not continue....So, If you do go to this film, it may "hit home" and be almost too personal.
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Hope Sprngs

By ralph hicks
Written August 10, 2012
Wonderful about working through problems, shows commitment and loved that there were no gay rights issues. It was just between a man and a woman and counselor. Loved it!
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Great Movie

By grammyillinois
Written August 13, 2012
Loved Meryl Streep and Tommie Lee Jones. Who would have thought he could play such a great part. Everyone that has been married 10 years or more should see this movie
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Dumbest Movie I've seen in a long time

By NGBlasdel
Written August 13, 2012
OK, so as a lady-of-a-certain age I'm supposed to be grateful that we're being presented as sexual beings at all. But this script is so patronizing and exploitative for yuks that I almost wish they didn't bother! Depressingly, many long-term couples do live the way the movie portrays pre-therapy life, but credulity is strained nonetheless-- what did Kay ever see in Arnold in the first place, and why the heck would she work so hard to get him "back?" And the love scenes, even at the end, fully clothed in pajamas? This could have been handled sensitively and in ways celebrating the joy and beauty of sexuality at any age, but this script was too busy making banana jokes. The performances of the three principals were actually quite good-- even Steve Carrell-- but even Meryl Streep can't carry this turkey. I'm embarrassed for her.
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Lovey story

By afallon12
Written December 16, 2012
A very realistic potrayal of marriage and its trials and tribulations! Meryl Streep couldn't be better ! She has captured so many different roles like a pro. From the mean boss to the meek housewife and the activist. I love this film as sad as it may seem.
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