Great Movie.

By sweetsillyluna
Written August 10, 2012
I keep hearing bad reviews about this movie from people who have seen it, but when I saw it, I thought that it was a fabulous movie. The acting was wonderful and the story was down to earth and real--- exactly what you might imagine a marriage of 30 years might feel like if both partners don't work at various aspects of their relationship. It was a bit of a slow moving movie, so those interested in a face paced romantic comedy might not like it, but for what it was, and the story it told, I thought it was a great movie.
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Not Funny

By dmaslyn
Written August 11, 2012
I am probably being harsh in my review... it is probably closer to a "go", but I feel deceived so I enjoyed it less. The trailers made this look like a comedy with most of the parts they show being humorous. Then Steve Carrell is in it, so you are thinking it must be HILARIOUS! Steve Carrell is not even remotely funny... it is a serious movie for him, which is ok except there was nothing about the trailer that set realistic expectations. It is kind of a sad, lonely, melancholy movie with a few small glimmers of humor to lighten it. All the actors do a fine job with their parts, but the movie just isn't that great. And there is just something unappealing about watching old people grope each other and make out. Don't get me wrong, I am middle-aged... I am not saying middle-aged people can't be sexy or enjoy romance... but I am not sure I am into WATCHING long drawn out scenes of senior citizens making out. It is a sweet movie with a nice message... but it wasn't great. RENT.
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Sexually Explicit dialogue - NOT FOR YOUR KIDS!

By moviebuff4chicks
Written August 11, 2012
PG 13 is the wrong rating for this sexually explicit dialogue movie where multiple sexual acts are talked about and mimiced........a shallow plot where sex is written into the screen play for an uncertain purpose. NOT recommended for young adults below the age of 18. I attended a viewing where there was a row of young people in front of me giggling and laughing, they definitely got some good ideas for the future. Should have been rated R.
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Great Movie!!!

By Uti
Written September 23, 2014
It is such a good movie!! great acting, soooo real. It shows the reality of marriages, couples that think hey are fine because they are married for so many years, but in fact they are very unhappy. The message is great: DO something for your marriage before it´s too late!! LOVED it...
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Issues rang very True!

By bunr
Written August 16, 2012
I am a senior (woman) who confronted these very issues. I know others and their marriages who would say the same. This movie DID NOT answer how this couple overcame the problems of long term marriage, which involve major CHANGE in behavior and personality. I feel it is close to impossible for most of us. However...the actiing by these two professionals was very good. the cinematography excellent. This is a very adult film. Do not take youngsters. Even late teens, early twenties would laugh. Some of the scenes did not seem realistic at all, but on the whole the movie makes an impression. You feel as if you are in a therapy session. Streep often seemed "wimpy" but that was the character. I couldn't believe Jones's action in some of the scenes. Many may identify with this couple as I did. 32 years was the crisis point in my own marriage. Mine did not continue....So, If you do go to this film, it may "hit home" and be almost too personal.
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