You will love this movie!

By gracielipscomb
Written December 03, 2016
Hope Springs is full of surprises! A wonderful movie! Meryl Streep is terrific! Tommy Lee Jones is awesome! Steve Carell is the best! A truly feel good movie! Some discussions amongst the characters will make you feel shy again! A great movie! These characters and their performances will not let you down!
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Hope Springs will resonate with a lot of boomers in long marriages

By CathFlix
Written February 08, 2016
Arnold and Kaye have lost touch with each other in more ways than one, and this movie is about how they refind their mojo through marriage counselling. It has lots of funny moments, but it also is poignant and serious in many ways many couples will probably find somewhat familiar. I loved that Steve Carell who plays the therapist was spot on and not at all comedic. He asks the hard questions and directs Kaye and Arnold so professionally I found it hard to believe he wasn't in the business! There's lots to iron out in their relationship, and its not a slam dunk. I found it entertaining and satisfying, mostly because it is a wonderful story about an otherwise shy or passive woman who decides that what she has is not enough and that she is willing to risk all to get what she wants. And in doing so, she forces issues that otherwise could kept her and her husband under a cloud forever. Go, girl! I'd recommend this movie. It's not Bat Man (thank God!)
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Hope Springs

By 65movie
Written July 27, 2016
Very believable! Meryl and Tommy Lee had the facial expressions that were right on target for the material. Probably better for and enjoyed by those who have been married for awhile. I thought it was hilarious--and I did shed a tear or two.
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Streep and Jones

By break-a-leg
Written August 28, 2016
We really enjoyed this movie. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones couldn't have been more enjoyable to watch as you follow along a very familiar path for those who have been married a while and are heading into the silver years. Steve Carell also played a very enduring role and was very believable as a marriage therapist. A heartwarming, funny feel good move! Thumbs up!!!
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Hope Springs for Boomers

By on_the_beach
Written June 30, 2016
My husband and I joined other retired people on a Wednesday afternoon in a small theatre packed with other contemporaries. If the level of laughter is a clue to the success of this movie, then it’s a hit with my demographics. If you don’t remember the Summer of Love, then you probably will be “grossed out” by old people making out – like several of the reviewers noted. It’s only after you have spent a lifetime with someone, raised the kids, got them out of the door, then looked at each other saying “Now What” will you get this movie. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones were spot on in their characters. Steve Carrell gave a good performance, understated and realistic. No special effects, no flying vampires, no guns, explosions or alien creatures, - just a great love story for us boomers.
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