Hope Davis
Date of Birth
Mar 23, 1964
Birth Place:
Englewood, NJ

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Scarlett Johansson Captain America: Civil War
2016 Stan Lee Captain America: Civil War
2016 Paul Rudd Captain America: Civil War
2016 Anthony Mackie Captain America: Civil War
2016 Paul Bettany Captain America: Civil War
2016 Robert Downey, Jr. Captain America: Civil War
2016 Don Cheadle Captain America: Civil War
2016 William Hurt Captain America: Civil War
2016 Alfre Woodard Captain America: Civil War
2016 Marisa Tomei Captain America: Civil War
2014 Jason Alexander Wild Card
2014 Anne Heche Wild Card
2014 Stanley Tucci Wild Card
2013 Victoria Tennant Louder Than Words
2013 Timothy Hutton Louder Than Words
2013 David Duchovny Louder Than Words
2012 Viola Davis Love, Marilyn
2012 Glenn Close Love, Marilyn
2012 Jennifer Ehle Love, Marilyn
2012 Lindsay Lohan Love, Marilyn
2012 Marilyn Monroe Love, Marilyn
2012 Uma Thurman Love, Marilyn
2012 Paul Giamatti Love, Marilyn
2012 Oliver Platt Love, Marilyn
2011 Melissa Leo Mildred Pierce
2011 James LeGros Mildred Pierce
2011 Mare Winningham Mildred Pierce
2011 Guy Pearce Mildred Pierce
2011 Kate Winslet Mildred Pierce
2011 Anthony Mackie Real Steel
2011 Hugh Jackman Real Steel
2010 Gabrielle Anwar The Family Tree
2010 Keith Carradine The Family Tree
2010 Jane Seymour The Family Tree
2010 Dermot Mulroney The Family Tree
2010 Dennis Quaid The Special Relationship
2009 Dianne Wiest In Treatment: Season 02
2009 John Mahoney In Treatment: Season 02
2009 Gabriel Byrne In Treatment: Season 02
2008 Colin Firth Genova
2008 Catherine Keener Genova
2008 Rebecca Pidgeon The Lodger
2008 Philip Baker Hall The Lodger
2008 Mel Harris The Lodger
2008 Donal Logue The Lodger
2008 Alfred Molina The Lodger
2008 Dianne Wiest Synecdoche, New York
2008 Michelle Williams Synecdoche, New York
2008 Samantha Morton Synecdoche, New York
2008 Emily Watson Synecdoche, New York
2008 Jennifer Jason Leigh Synecdoche, New York
2008 Tom Noonan Synecdoche, New York
2008 Catherine Keener Synecdoche, New York
2008 Philip Seymour Hoffman Synecdoche, New York
2007 Robert Downey, Jr. Charlie Bartlett
2007 Stanley Tucci The Hoax
2007 Alfred Molina The Hoax
2007 Eli Wallach The Hoax
2007 Zeljko Ivanek The Hoax
2007 Marcia Gay Harden The Hoax
2007 Julie Delpy The Hoax
2007 Richard Gere The Hoax
2006 Daniel Craig Infamous
2006 Sandra Bullock Infamous
2006 Peter Bogdanovich Infamous
2006 Jeff Daniels Infamous
2006 Gwyneth Paltrow Infamous
2006 Isabella Rossellini Infamous
2006 Sigourney Weaver Infamous
2006 Juliet Stevenson Infamous
2006 Campbell Scott Six Degrees [TV Series]
2005 Campbell Scott Duma
2005 Pierce Brosnan The Matador
2005 Dylan Baker The Matador
2005 Philip Baker Hall The Matador
2005 Greg Kinnear The Matador
2005 Gwyneth Paltrow Proof
2005 Jake Gyllenhaal Proof
2005 Anthony Hopkins Proof
2005 Michael Caine The Weather Man
2005 Nicolas Cage The Weather Man
2003 Paul Giamatti American Splendor
2002 Dermot Mulroney About Schmidt
2002 Jack Nicholson About Schmidt
2002 Kathy Bates About Schmidt
2002 Howard Hesseman About Schmidt
2002 Denis Leary The Secret Lives of Dentists
2002 Campbell Scott The Secret Lives of Dentists
2001 Denis Leary Final
2001 David Morse Hearts in Atlantis
2001 Anthony Hopkins Hearts in Atlantis
2000 Tom Conti Deadline [TV Series]
2000 Lili Taylor Deadline [TV Series]
2000 Bebe Neuwirth Deadline [TV Series]
2000 Oliver Platt Deadline [TV Series]
2000 Steve Martin Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Patricia Clarkson Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Ian Holm Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Susan Sarandon Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Stanley Tucci Joe Gould's Secret
2000 Aida Turturro Joe Gould's Secret
1999 Jeff Bridges Arlington Road
1999 Joan Cusack Arlington Road
1999 Tim Robbins Arlington Road
1999 Pruitt Taylor Vince Mumford
1999 Kevin Tighe Mumford
1999 David Paymer Mumford
1999 Mary McDonnell Mumford
1999 Martin Short Mumford
1999 Robert Stack Mumford
1999 Jane Adams Mumford
1999 Jason Lee Mumford
1999 Alfre Woodard Mumford
1999 Priscilla Barnes Mumford
1999 Ted Danson Mumford
1999 Dana Ivey Mumford
1998 Richard Jenkins The Impostors
1998 Steve Buscemi The Impostors
1998 Stanley Tucci The Impostors
1998 Dana Ivey The Impostors
1998 Billy Connolly The Impostors
1998 Woody Allen The Impostors
1998 Allison Janney The Impostors
1998 Alfred Molina The Impostors
1998 Oliver Platt The Impostors
1998 Tony Shalhoub The Impostors
1998 Campbell Scott The Impostors
1998 Isabella Rossellini The Impostors
1998 Lili Taylor The Impostors
1998 Robert Klein Next Stop Wonderland
1998 Holland Taylor Next Stop Wonderland
1998 Philip Seymour Hoffman Next Stop Wonderland
1997 Roy Scheider The Myth of Fingerprints
1997 Julianne Moore The Myth of Fingerprints
1997 James LeGros The Myth of Fingerprints
1997 Blythe Danner The Myth of Fingerprints
1996 Parker Posey The Daytrippers
1996 Stanley Tucci The Daytrippers
1996 Marcia Gay Harden The Daytrippers
1996 Campbell Scott The Daytrippers
1996 Anne Meara The Daytrippers
1996 Liev Schreiber The Daytrippers
1996 Vincent D'Onofrio Guy
1996 Lucy Liu Guy
1996 Robert Goulet Mr. Wrong
1996 Joan Cusack Mr. Wrong
1996 Bill Pullman Mr. Wrong
1996 Joan Plowright Mr. Wrong
1996 Dean Stockwell Mr. Wrong
1996 Polly Holliday Mr. Wrong
1996 Ellen DeGeneres Mr. Wrong
1995 Stanley Tucci Kiss of Death
1995 David Caruso Kiss of Death
1995 Nicolas Cage Kiss of Death
1995 Anne Meara Kiss of Death
1995 Ving Rhames Kiss of Death
1995 Michael Rapaport Kiss of Death
1995 Helen Hunt Kiss of Death
1995 Philip Baker Hall Kiss of Death
1995 Kathryn Erbe Kiss of Death
1995 Samuel L. Jackson Kiss of Death
1995 Viveca Lindfors Run for Cover
1995 Heather Graham Run for Cover
1995 Adam West Run for Cover
1990 William Baldwin Flatliners
1990 Kiefer Sutherland Flatliners
1990 Mali Finn Flatliners
1990 Kevin Bacon Flatliners
1990 Oliver Platt Flatliners
1990 Julia Roberts Flatliners
1990 Macaulay Culkin Home Alone
1990 John Heard Home Alone
1990 Catherine O'Hara Home Alone
1990 Jane Jenkins Home Alone
1990 Daniel Stern Home Alone
1990 Billie Bird Home Alone
1990 John Candy Home Alone
1990 Roberts Blossom Home Alone
1990 Bill Erwin Home Alone
1990 Joe Pesci Home Alone
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