Hoot Gibson
Date of Birth
Aug 06, 1892
Birth Place:
Takamah, NE

Worked With

Year Name Title
1960 Henry Silva Ocean's Eleven
1960 Red Skelton Ocean's Eleven
1960 Cesar Romero Ocean's Eleven
1960 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Ocean's Eleven
1960 George Raft Ocean's Eleven
1960 Frank Sinatra Ocean's Eleven
1960 Dean Martin Ocean's Eleven
1960 Richard Conte Ocean's Eleven
1960 George E. Stone Ocean's Eleven
1960 Akim Tamiroff Ocean's Eleven
1960 Charles Meredith Ocean's Eleven
1960 Angie Dickinson Ocean's Eleven
1960 Norman Fell Ocean's Eleven
1960 Sammy Davis Jr. Ocean's Eleven
1960 Don "Red" Barry Ocean's Eleven
1960 Joey Bishop Ocean's Eleven
1960 Peter Lawford Ocean's Eleven
1960 Shirley MacLaine Ocean's Eleven
1960 John Indrisano Ocean's Eleven
1960 Robert Foulk Ocean's Eleven
1960 John Holland Ocean's Eleven
1959 Ken Curtis The Horse Soldiers
1959 William Holden The Horse Soldiers
1959 Cliff Lyons The Horse Soldiers
1959 William Forrest The Horse Soldiers
1959 Fred Graham The Horse Soldiers
1959 Sam Harris The Horse Soldiers
1959 Anna Lee The Horse Soldiers
1959 Constance Towers The Horse Soldiers
1959 Hank Worden The Horse Soldiers
1959 John Wayne The Horse Soldiers
1959 Strother Martin The Horse Soldiers
1959 Walter Reed The Horse Soldiers
1959 Denver Pyle The Horse Soldiers
1954 Al St. John The Gabby Hayes Show: Episode 10
1954 Larry "Buster" Crabbe The Gabby Hayes Show: Episode 10
1954 Dave "Tex" O'Brien The Gabby Hayes Show: Episode 7
1954 Tex Ritter The Gabby Hayes Show: Episode 7
1953 Johnny Mack Brown The Marshal's Daughter
1953 Preston S. Foster The Marshal's Daughter
1953 Harry Lauter The Marshal's Daughter
1953 Ken Murray The Marshal's Daughter
1953 Tex Ritter The Marshal's Daughter
1953 Buddy Baer The Marshal's Daughter
1946 Alan Curtis Flight to Nowhere
1946 Jerome Cowan Flight to Nowhere
1946 Jack Holt Flight to Nowhere
1946 Evelyn Ankers Flight to Nowhere
1944 Charles King Arizona Whirlwind
1944 Ken Maynard Arizona Whirlwind
1944 Bob Steele Arizona Whirlwind
1944 Dan White Arizona Whirlwind
1944 Glenn Strange Death Valley Rangers
1944 Charles King Death Valley Rangers
1944 Lee Roberts Death Valley Rangers
1944 Ken Maynard Death Valley Rangers
1944 Bob Steele Death Valley Rangers
1944 Bryant Washburn Death Valley Rangers
1944 Veda Ann Borg Marked Trails
1944 Bob Steele Marked Trails
1944 George Morrell Marked Trails
1944 Charles King Outlaw Trail
1944 Bob Steele Outlaw Trail
1944 Tex Palmer Outlaw Trail
1944 Hal Price Outlaw Trail
1944 Hal Price Sonora Stagecoach
1944 Charles King Sonora Stagecoach
1944 Bob Steele Sonora Stagecoach
1944 Glenn Strange Sonora Stagecoach
1944 George Morrell Trigger Law
1944 Ted Cassidy Trigger Law
1944 Bob Steele Trigger Law
1944 Bob Steele The Utah Kid
1944 Ken Maynard Westward Bound
1944 Bob Steele Westward Bound
1944 Dan White Westward Bound
1944 Hal Price Westward Bound
1943 Charles King Blazing Guns
1943 Dan White Blazing Guns
1943 Ken Maynard Blazing Guns
1943 Bryant Washburn The Law Rides Again
1943 Ken Maynard The Law Rides Again
1943 Bob McKenzie Wild Horse Stampede
1943 Si Jenks Wild Horse Stampede
1943 Reed Howes Wild Horse Stampede
1943 Ken Maynard Wild Horse Stampede
1943 Glenn Strange Wild Horse Stampede
1943 Tex Palmer Wild Horse Stampede
1941 Bob Steele Death Valley Outlaws
1941 Milburn Stone Death Valley Outlaws
1941 Ken Maynard Death Valley Outlaws
1941 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Death Valley Outlaws
1941 Lee Shumway Death Valley Outlaws
1941 Jack Kirk Death Valley Outlaws
1941 Reed Howes Death Valley Outlaws
1941 Bob McKenzie Death Valley Outlaws
1941 Don "Red" Barry Death Valley Outlaws
1938 Ray "Crash" Corrigan The Painted Stallion
1938 Duncan Renaldo The Painted Stallion
1937 Charles King The Painted Stallion [Serial]
1937 Yakima Canutt The Painted Stallion [Serial]
1937 Hal Taliaferro The Painted Stallion [Serial]
1937 Ray "Crash" Corrigan The Painted Stallion [Serial]
1937 Duncan Renaldo The Painted Stallion [Serial]
1936 Bob McKenzie Cavalcade of the West
1936 Joe Sawyer The Last Outlaw
1936 Harry Carey The Last Outlaw
1936 Alan Curtis The Last Outlaw
1936 Tom Tyler The Last Outlaw
1936 Henry B. Walthall The Last Outlaw
1936 Art Mix Lucky Terror
1936 Nelson McDowell Lucky Terror
1936 Hal Taliaferro Lucky Terror
1936 Frank Yaconelli Lucky Terror
1936 Bob McKenzie Lucky Terror
1936 Alan James Lucky Terror
1936 Jack Rockwell Lucky Terror
1936 Charles King Lucky Terror
1936 Horace Murphy Lucky Terror
1936 George "Gabby" Hayes Swifty
1936 Hal Taliaferro Swifty
1936 Art Mix Swifty
1935 Lew Meehan Feud of the West
1935 Bob McKenzie Feud of the West
1935 Nelson McDowell Feud of the West
1935 Reed Howes Feud of the West
1935 Franklin Farnum Frontier Justice
1935 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Frontier Justice
1935 Buddy Roosevelt Powdersmoke Range
1935 Nelson McDowell Powdersmoke Range
1935 Sam Hardy Powdersmoke Range
1935 Bob Steele Powdersmoke Range
1935 Tom Tyler Powdersmoke Range
1935 Hal Taliaferro Powdersmoke Range
1935 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Powdersmoke Range
1935 Henry Roquemore Powdersmoke Range
1935 Franklin Farnum Powdersmoke Range
1935 William Farnum Powdersmoke Range
1935 Harry Carey Powdersmoke Range
1935 William Desmond Powdersmoke Range
1935 Bob McKenzie Powdersmoke Range
1935 Ethan Laidlaw Powdersmoke Range
1935 Adrian Morris Powdersmoke Range
1935 Art Mix Powdersmoke Range
1935 John Ince Rainbow's End
1935 Buddy Roosevelt Rainbow's End
1935 Henry Roquemore Rainbow's End
1933 Merrill McCormack The Cowboy Counselor
1933 Charles King The Fighting Parson
1932 Lew Meehan The Boiling Point
1932 Hattie McDaniel The Boiling Point
1932 George "Gabby" Hayes The Boiling Point
1932 Merrill McCormack The Boiling Point
1932 Art Mix The Boiling Point
1932 George Morrell The Dude Bandit
1932 Charles King The Dude Bandit
1932 Art Mix The Dude Bandit
1932 Charles King The Gay Buckaroo
1932 Edward Peil Sr. The Gay Buckaroo
1932 Edward Peil Sr. The Local Bad Man
1932 Merrill McCormack A Man's Land
1932 Glenn Strange A Man's Land
1932 Charles King A Man's Land
1932 Tex Palmer Spirit of the West
1931 Sally Eilers Clearing the Range
1931 Edward Peil Sr. Clearing the Range
1931 Glenn Strange Hard Hombre
1931 Edward Peil Sr. Wild Horse
1931 Stepin Fetchit Wild Horse
1931 Glenn Strange Wild Horse
1930 Sally Eilers Roaring Ranch
1930 Tex Palmer Trailin' Trouble
1930 Ken Maynard Trailin' Trouble
1930 Bob Perry Trailin' Trouble
1930 Jack Richardson Trigger Tricks
1930 Monte Montague Trigger Tricks
1930 Sally Eilers Trigger Tricks
1929 Boris Karloff Burning the Wind
1929 Monte Montague Courtin' Wildcats
1929 George "Slim" Summerville King of the Rodeo
1929 Monte Montague King of the Rodeo
1929 Walter Brennan The Lariat Kid
1929 Sally Eilers The Long, Long Trail
1929 Thelma Todd The Long, Long Trail
1929 Walter Brennan The Long, Long Trail
1929 Walter Brennan Smilin' Guns
1928 Monte Montague Clearing the Trail
1928 Monte Montague Danger Rider
1928 Frank S. Hagney The Rawhide Kid
1928 George "Slim" Summerville Riding for Fame
1928 Monte Montague Wild West Show
1927 Glenn Tryon Denver Dude
1927 Rolfe Sedan Denver Dude
1927 George "Slim" Summerville Denver Dude
1927 Monte Montague Hey! Hey! Cowboy
1927 George "Slim" Summerville Hey! Hey! Cowboy
1927 Charles Sellon Painted Ponies
1927 George "Slim" Summerville Painted Ponies
1927 Charles Sellon Prairie King
1926 Boris Karloff The Man in the Saddle
1926 Fay Wray The Man in the Saddle
1926 Nelson McDowell Phantom Bullet
1925 Charles Sellon The Calgary Stampede
1924 Tully Marshall Ridin' Kid from Powder River
1923 Esther Ralston Blinky
1923 Boris Karloff Gentleman from America
1923 Russell Powell Kindled Courage
1923 King Baggot Thrill Chaser
1923 Reginald Denny Thrill Chaser
1923 Billie Dove Thrill Chaser
1922 Patsy Ruth Miller Trimmed
1921 John Farrell MacDonald Action
1921 Murdock MacQuarrie Sure Fire
1919 Rudolph Valentino Out of Luck
1919 Ralph Graves Out of Luck
1919 Dorothy Gish Out of Luck
1918 Douglas Fairbanks Headin' South
1918 Jack Holt Headin' South
1917 Harry Carey Cheyenne's Pal
1917 Harry Carey Marked Man
1917 Harry Carey Secret Man
1917 Harry Carey Soul Herder
1917 Jean Hersholt Soul Herder
1917 Harry Carey Straight Shooting
1916 Harry Carey A Knight of the Range
1912 Jack Conway His Only Son
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