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Written February 13, 2010
best sports movie ever period
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HOOSIERS = One of the All-Time Best Sports FIlms!!

By lugubriousthespian
Written April 02, 2009
Gene Hackman's stellar work as a no-nonsense high school basketball coach who leads an underdog Indiana team to a national championship game in the early 1950s is only one of about a dozen terrific reasons to see this marvelous film. Based on a true story, director David Anspaugh gives and insightful look into the time period and people of a small rural town that seems to live vicariously through everything sports-related. Hackman shines as this multi-faceted man who has a troubling secret from his past and Dennis Hopper nearly steals every scene he is a part of by underplaying the disgraced, drunkard father of one of the boys on the team who gets a chance for redemption. Barbara Hershey is in the mix for some love-interest as well as antagonism for Gene. Beautifully photographed throughout and dynamite action scenes orchestrated during the progression of the various on court games using some real-life basketball ringers. Memorable and audience rousing from first frame to finale!!
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