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kids like it - adults won't

By jbretz
Written May 17, 2011
We saw the movie in 3D, it wasn't worth it, do a regular movie. The kids 6,8 & 11 liked it but I was bored to death. I thought the first one was alright.
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My daughter got hoodwinked

By Shelly242
Written May 03, 2011
This movie although entertaining really wasn't for kids... My daughter was somewhat scared and lot of the jokes when over her head to me.
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I was ready to leave 5 min into it........

By TaraNK04
Written May 08, 2011
This was the most boring kids movie I have seen in a while. I kept looking at the time to see how much longer I had to watch. My son just sat there and watched it because he loves movies but not once did he laugh or crack a smile. I should have know it was was a bust opening weekend and there were only 10 ppl in the theatre.
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Was Hoodwinked Too

By momov_1
Written May 03, 2011
It's good but not great. The movies Hop and Rio are better
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Decent...try the game!

By progamer55
Written August 18, 2011
Loved the first movie...this one was okay but not the greatest. I've been entertaining myself for the past hour by playing a game I found in the App Store called Red's Escape...basically you're Red and you have to avoid her enemies by swinging up a a tower using her cape. That's kind of a bad should just play it if you liked either movie.
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