John Sayles at his best

By goofy226
Written January 06, 2008
I have been a longtime fan of the movies John Sayles has written and directed, my favorites being: "Matewan", "Eight Men Out", "The Secret Of Roan Inish", "Passion Fish" and "City of Hope". "LOne Star", LImbo" and "Sunshine State" were all remarkable in their own ways but "Casa De LOs Baby's" and "Silver State" didn't resonate with me, so it had been awhile since I got excited over one of his movies. "Honeydripper" like most of his best movies takes it's time to let you get the feel of the characters and their environment, slowly building relationships, conflicts and story until you gradually get totally involved and begin to care about what will happen. This movie delivers big time and the payoff had me clapping along with other moviegoers. All of Sayles movies have great performances and everyone here, along with the non-actor musicians, give memorable performances. Danny Glover has never been better but the short scenes with Keb Mo almost steal the show.
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By pjtmht
Written January 07, 2008
John Sayles and Maggie Renzi ---- GENIUS!
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By kymbryonic
Written January 07, 2008
All the characters were likeable, even the "bad guys" & the story, the acting, etc. were marvelous. Loved it!
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Honeydripper Has Sweet Sound

By swimerC
Written January 06, 2008
Danny Glover and rest of cast bring subtle performances about lives that triumph over poverty and racism in 50s Alabama by way of music that was crucially changing from acoustic blues to electric rock. John Sayles has written a complex script about real people.
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Honeydripper's okay

By thomaslady
Written January 08, 2008
It's worth seeing Honeydripper at least once, mainly for the cast. It's a who's who of African American acting and singing talent. The story and some of the characters are a bit cliched and predictable, though.
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