Home Run

By idamick
Written August 30, 2014
This movie is a "must see" for all adults (not for children). The story has many truths that unfold as we watch the life's struggle of another. Powerful movie as we reflect on how life experiences affect each of us ... in our diversities.
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Home Run was a Huge Hit!!!

By victorialynn1974
Written December 25, 2014
Celebrate Recovery has changed my life and to be honest, I thought maybe the movie would touch on CR a little bit but I never expected what I got from seeing this movie. This movie WAS Celebrate Recovery! It was inspiring, emotional and most of all, honest. For some of the production crew to actually attend a 12 Step program at CR just goes to show how real this movie was meant to be. Our CR group at Traders Point Christian Church in Whitestown, IN. have been promoting and talking about this movie for months but again, I never expected the raw emotion and truth in this story, and to be able to relate only makes it that much more amazing!!! A deff MUST SEE!!!!
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Love this movie!

By udderlymooving
Written August 02, 2014
This movie is incredibly moving, and is hopeful and uplifting to anyone who may have a family member, friend or even yourself who may have been affected by alcohol or any addiction. This is a very positive movie that you will want to take all your friends to! I pray this gives hope to anyone fighting an addiction!
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Awesome Film!

By p0etrice
Written September 19, 2014
I love this movie. It made me cry. Everyone struggles with some form of addiction. The movie just really depicts that God can only move in your life when you come to an end of trying to fix things yourself. It's all about surrendering your situation/problem to Him and allowing Him to bring you to fulfillment. I love this story and I pray that more people go see it and begin to turn their hearts to Christ. I hope more Christian movies keep hitting the theaters, I am ready to go see the next one!!!!!
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Home Run

By sar1945
Written April 22, 2013
This is a great movie and is all about love, forgiveness and how we can move on with our lives instead of doing the same thing over and over the same way and expecting different results. (Insanity)
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