A Home Run covering all the bases

By Ezbee
Written April 23, 2017
This was a great story that everyone can relate to on many different levels. The characters were very engaging. I really enjoyed Vivica Fox as the Cory's agent. Scott Elrod really showed great depth and feeling as he faced his current reality of despair and disarray. Then began the process of change by finally focusing on the solution that would bring him the true desires of his heart; peace, joy and happiness. The movie illustrates well the process it takes for many to conquer their demons and be free to enjoy a life of fulfillment, thinking beyond themselves and the moment.
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Home Run - Excellent Must SEE!

By firedup35
Written January 23, 2017
I am a recovering Meth Addict and I will say Scot Elrod(Cory Brand) did an excellent job portraying an addict. I felt the sense of struggle through his acting and the very same struggle I went through. When Cory tells The CR Minister he just can not stop- That was me! This is an excellent movie and Freedom is Possible. Nothing great happens when we hold back! We took men and women from the homeless shelter as well some of which are addicts and everyone was moved and touched by this movie- one lady came up to me and said I wan to start coming every Sunday to church! Several of the guys told me that they want to start coming to CR every week. This movie was not just a movie- this particular movie was a tool that touched lives, including mine. The Theater was packed out and the manager came to me and said "We have not been this busy since the Passion of Christ" Every one of us struggle with our hurts, habits and hangups- this movie is for everyone!
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Amazing movie about Hope and Change!

By crshelbync
Written June 27, 2016
Home Run truly shows that change is possible. This movie shows a side of humanity that we don't normally show on the outside, the darkness and pain we bury deep inside us. Home Run shows that there is a place where we can come to; a place to share our hurts and our pain. A place where we will find love, acceptance, grace and HOPE. And those places are church and Celebrate Recovery, where we all come as we are, broken and scarred and imperfect. Home Run is just that, a HOME RUN!!!
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Home Run is a Home Run

By michellew.271
Written March 26, 2017
This is a great movie about healing from past hurts and redemption. Good acting and cinematography. A few lulls here and there but they aren't long. Also an excellent movie for church groups to go see. I would not take children below the age of 12, due to the fact of the story being about a recovering alcoholic. It's just a little too deep for a younger child to understand everything that is going on. There is no cussing or sex which is very refreshing!
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Great movie!

By computerguytony
Written October 23, 2016
We laughed...we cried...we sat on the edge of our seats, then we found ourselves so rapped up in the movie that we were feeling the feelings the main character experienced. Wow! What a great emotionally charged and dramatic movie! All I can say is you have to see it!
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