Home Run - Awesome Movie

By cilla4
Written January 27, 2015
I went to see this with my mom. She is 85. She was not sure what to expect, just that it had to do with baseball and recovery. I asked her if she liked it and she said that she really enjoyed it. It was nothing like she expected. She said it didn't push God on people and that it was a very good story. This was my second time seeing the movie. I had previewed it a month or so ago and I expected it to be pretty good, but it had exceeded my expectations. A very realistic view of life. The storyline is believable because it relates to everyone in one way or another. It is not heavy-handed and it is just a good story. I cried more this time I saw it because I know how it feels to be brought to a place that Cory finally found himself in. I also know the feeling of the hope and freedom that he began to experience. I would recommend this movie to everyone. This movie is guaranteed to move you emotionally in a very good way!
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Home Run

By charley6711
Written April 26, 2015
This is a must see movie. Lots of emotion and great acting. Wonderful story line. If you have ever felt like you have been missing something in your life, then you must see this movie for real healing in your life. This movie will change you forever.
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By culturenerd5
Written April 21, 2013
Home Run is an excellent movie! It has a great message. The characters are very easy to relate to. The story is amazing...make sure you bring a box of tissues!
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By CHSbluedevil39
Written April 22, 2013
Such a beautiful story of how God and Celebrate Recovery can completely change someone's life. I personally have been in Celebrate Recovery for almost a year now and has been such a big part of my growth in Christ. The main character, Cory, goes from a rock-bottom life to an on-fire life for God.
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Truth - Freedom and Restoration are possible

By CDej
Written January 26, 2015
I see the truth of this film walked out in Celebrate Recovery daily. The program works! God heals. At Celebrate Recovery God uses his people to help point the way to himself. Everyone should see this movie! I think because of the subject matter the PG-13 guidelines should be upheld by parents. Even though younger kids have to walk through the pain of addiction, abuse, divorce, grief, and other hurts in their home lives... they don't need to see it in the movie theater. They need recovery programs designed for their own age groups. Celebration Station is the kid version of Celebrate Recovery.
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