Home Run

By williamschweikart
Written December 20, 2014
Took the CR group from my home church...we laughed...we cried...and praised God for the hope we have in Jesus Christ!!! He overcame and so shall we!!!.
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Homerun is a Hit

By pd974077
Written December 20, 2014
This is true to the Celebrate Recovery roots and opens up doors of communication from both sides of the fence. those who are fighting to gain freedom and those in recovery living one day at a time one moment at a time taking what Jesus did...... God grant us the serenity...
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By khardy_disney
Written February 02, 2015
It's nice to be able to go to a movie, have emotion, real life stuff, and still in the end have hope. The acting was great from some "not quite so famous" actors, the cinematography though not a special effect - was VERY effective, and the writing hits hard. Great for families, would warn of the first 5 minutes or so, EXTREMELY true to life. I'm sure it's rated PG-13 for these first few minutes. One of the best "true to life" movies I've seen in quite a while. Hollywood needs to take notice.
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Great Story, Great Cast. Beautiful cinematography and music. Crying and Laughter. A Great Movie.

By oc12
Written April 20, 2013
First of all, let's talk about who this movie is NOT for. It is not for kids - while it has kids in it, it is about adult problems. Second, it is not for people uncomfortable with others saying that they are Christian or that Christianity works for them (not sure why this is an issue in today's multi-cultural world, but if it is for you then you should pass on this movie). For anyone else looking to see a movie that will make you smile, cry, laugh, and give you a sense of hope - this movie is for you. It is not preachy or even "faith-based". It just tells a good story about a man that is damaged by life but stops being the victim and allows himself to get the help he needs. The acting is great from the stars to the kids. The music is terrific. The cinematography is first rate. Go see this. And take a friend who is hurting.
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By chnwes
Written January 30, 2015
This movie was very good. The story line was so real and true. Many people suffer from things and ONLY a relationship with Jesus Christ can change things. It is so nice to see a movie like this made. If only people would go see it...it could change there life.
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