By freefallin37075
Written May 04, 2016
This movie is about a man , a good man with gifts ,talents, hurts, habits and hang ups that struggles to find balance and peace on his own.A turn of events , not of his chooseing, but for his benefit lead him to hope, healing and freedom. Its an awesome movie, go see it you'll be glad you did
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Home Run's a Hit!

By mar_x3
Written August 01, 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It has it all---love, humor, and above all--redemption. We all have a hurt, hang-up or habit that causes us to carry baggage. This story shows a good example of how to recover from that baggage! :-D
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A new beginning for all!

By ci.edge1
Written October 10, 2015
Great Love story of redemption and forgiveness! This movie hits a 'Home Run' to audiences both religious and secular. You will feel a gamete of emotions and has a beautiful ending that is really a new beginning for all. A must see!
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By SusanCrossDove
Written April 28, 2013
EXCELLENT MOVIE, A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE!! A very touching & yet true depiction of how Alcoholism can tear a family apart. Showing that with faith & the help of God you can do anything. A Great Movie :)
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Home Run is a hit with me!

By dansharkman
Written April 20, 2013
It is so nice to be able to go see a movie that I can take my whole family to see, and everyone will enjoy it. Home Run had a great story that a guy can get into, and a story of personal redemption that everyone can appreciate. The kids will enjoy the little league and major league baseball in the movie. I really enjoy this movie.
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