By parishrain
Written December 22, 2014
what an inspiring movie. I invited everyone I knew and all that showed up thanked me for inviting them. This movie was real and life changing. I love movies like this. I like that all of the testimonies are based on real people. It just shows how people can change. I will be buying this movie and all my friends will be getting it as presents this year!!
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Home Run is a Home Run

By michellew.271
Written April 21, 2013
This is a great movie about healing from past hurts and redemption. Good acting and cinematography. A few lulls here and there but they aren't long. Also an excellent movie for church groups to go see. I would not take children below the age of 12, due to the fact of the story being about a recovering alcoholic. It's just a little too deep for a younger child to understand everything that is going on. There is no cussing or sex which is very refreshing!
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Home Run Movie

By bjdc2106
Written December 20, 2014
I saw this movie. It was fantastic!!! The acting was excellent and story line was interesting, teaching the perils of trials in this life and what you can do to get you through them. This film is what America needs. You walk away from it learning many things. What a blessing to see a movie with a purpose that is centered on good things. Hoping to see many more of these type of movies. This is for any age but would recommend for the younger children there be parental supervision as some content should be age appropriate
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By piheyer
Written December 23, 2014
I went to the Movie because I love Baseball. I was not sure the whole story, but I had heard a Baseball player with some "issues" I found it to be very good production for a "christian" movie. I went with my son. This was an incredibile movie of denial, anger, "father issues" and willingness to look at one's problems, and redeemtion, and How could I forget the most importnat part. GOD! Incredible movie, and healing if one is willing to let it ! I would say two thumbs up!
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Home Run

By Cherwyn1
Written December 26, 2014
GREAT movie about forgiveness and people dealing with hurts from their past. Nice to see a good movie with a message that all of us can relate to....we are all struggling with our past in one way or another and need to know that there is help out there as well as forgiveness. People can change with the help of God and good people surrounding them, nice to have that message out there confirmed for some that might not have the will power to get the help that they need on their own. Good plug for Celebrate Recovery.....the meetings are just like that, Go even if you don't have an issue that you are working out. You'll be amazed at the change that God can bring about in people's lives when they just trust him! MUST SEE!!! Let's support a film with this powerful message of hope....the world desperately needs more films like this one at the theaters! Go show your support lets show Hollywood that movies like this can be a success at the box office.
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