Great Inspiring Movie

By tk93723
Written March 29, 2015
I loved the movie. It showed me how you never know a person's true story, just by looking at their public persona. We all have a past that has affected our lives, and each of us turns to different things to deal with these hurts. I felt such a connection with the main character, no matter how bad he got, I just really liked the guy. By the end of the movie, I cared about all the characters in the movie. These setting for this film, the small town, brought back so many memories of when my kids played baseball. Great for families. It can open up some discussions that can be healing.
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Home Run

By kelliesturm1328
Written June 02, 2015
Home Run is a beautiful movie about the healing power of our Higher Power Jesus Christ. You take a journey through the struggles of each character and the redemtive power of our Savior. What a wonderful movie filled with hope and healing.
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By hisgrace5
Written January 30, 2015
Really good movie. Great actors. Loved the storyline. Great walk in the life of someone who is addicted. Doesn't matter what your addiction, this movie gives us help. Go see it!
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Home Run's a Hit!

By mar_x3
Written August 01, 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It has it all---love, humor, and above all--redemption. We all have a hurt, hang-up or habit that causes us to carry baggage. This story shows a good example of how to recover from that baggage! :-D
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Home Run Movie

By bjdc2106
Written February 27, 2015
I saw this movie. It was fantastic!!! The acting was excellent and story line was interesting, teaching the perils of trials in this life and what you can do to get you through them. This film is what America needs. You walk away from it learning many things. What a blessing to see a movie with a purpose that is centered on good things. Hoping to see many more of these type of movies. This is for any age but would recommend for the younger children there be parental supervision as some content should be age appropriate
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