What parents need to know

Parents need to know that they can expect the same kind of slapstick violence in this second Home Alone movie, mostly against the robbers who picked on the wrong precocious kid once again. The main character throws bricks, sets deadly traps, and more in attempts to stop the bumbling duo and is gleefully proud of himself every time they get hurt. Parents should also know that the movie opens with quite a bit of family conflict and that there's fighting -- even some physical violence -- among siblings.
  • Families can talk about good ways to work out family conflicts. How does Kevin defend himself from his older brother's bullying? Was he right to do that? Parents can also talk about safety issues, such as what might happen if a kid were accidentally separated from his parents and forced to go it alone in a strange city. What would be the safest way to respond to a mix-up like the one portrayed here? Parents can also talk about the relationship between Kevin and his parents. Why does it take so long for his family to realize that he's missing? Last but not least, how does this movie compare to the original? Is it as funny the second time around? Why or why not?
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