Home Alone 25th Anniversary Synopsis
As a special gift to you, Fathom Events and Twentieth Century Fox are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Home Alone by bringing the beloved holiday family film back to select cinemas for a final encore showing on Wednesday, December 9.

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home alone at AMC concord mills

By rtcrash
went in to enjoy myself,,,the sound wasn't working for the first five minutes- so I went and found a manager- it took them ten min to get the sound working and had to back up the movie til the...


By newb6000
Best movie to watch with the family!...

Home Alone

By roxannebaca
Home Alone is a holiday classic, so the actual movie was great. Unfortunately, the quality was extremely poor. The color was so dark some scenes were hard to make out and the actors skin tone was...


By BrettGifford
Home Alone...

My dream came true

By goasis5
I cried a lot. Nevertheless, I have watched this movie more than 100 times! Watching Home Alone at a movie theater was my dream. Finally, the dream came true. I was so satisfied. I also want to...

Home Alone 25th Anniversary Showing

By pampfaltz
Love love love the movie. First saw it 25 years ago when it came to theaters. It was exciting viewing the movie on the big screen again with my son and lots of fellow Home Alone fans old and...

One great night out

By peppermintfunk
Home alone was my favorite movie as a child. I was one year old when it came out and never got to see it in the theater. This was a really great opportunity and the movie was better than ever...

As always never a dull moment.. I

By jmariscal1987

a Classic

By dtinker9
The entire audience laughed from start to finish...it felt like I was in my living room as a child watching for the first time....

Always a Classic

By ksternschein3
Can watch this movie a hundred times and it will still make me laugh. Such a timeless, perfect holiday movie....

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