Hollywood Dreams Synopsis
An ingenue (Tanna Frederick) becomes involved with an actor (Justin Kirk) who pretends he is gay.
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Hollywood Dreams

By kscopp
Really wanted to like the movie but found the female lead extremely annoying, her character made me want to run out of the movie. Also thought could have been shorter, bad editing. The story was...


By sos
This film not-so-subtlely mocks Hollywood in all of it's dreams while giving a character study in neuroses. While the film is disturbing at times, it maintains a hilarious overtone. The real reason...

This film is what Hollywood movies could be.

By makemelaughoutloud
Who need car crashes, fights and explosions? Check out Hollywood Dreams. Tanna Frederick is not only gorgeous but immensely talented. I can't believe the emotional rollercoaster ride I went on. The...

So is this the REAL Hollywood?

By flickerticker
I love it. Tanna Frederick is HOT! She's also funny, cunning, driven and just a little wacky. The chemistry with Justin Kirk is sweet. And wait till you see David Proval and Zack Norman = I'll leave...

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Rated R