By Chad Patty
Written December 05, 2006
This movie was cute...and very much a chick flick. It's a feel good holiday flick.
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Holiday on Holiday

By mcarpenterjr40
Written December 08, 2006
The movie was a perfect escape from the holiday hustle. Take a chance with Holiday and you'll thank yourself for stopping to enjoy your own Holidays.
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Wrong Movie!

By ccjchernandez
Written June 14, 2014
After we spent +$30 on food & drink and got comfy in our seats we realized this was not the movie we had anticipated seeing! We were looking forward to watching Holiday with Carey Grant, what we got was a Hindi war comedy named Holiday! So disappointing! This app has a history of advertising the wrong movie, so make sure you actually check with the local theaters website...
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holiday surprise

By tap2
Written December 08, 2006
I went to this moive with a couple of girlfriends as a sneek peak. We all left the movie saying it was one of the best movies we had seen in awhile. I went to work on monday and told the girls in my office that they should definitely go see it. Jack Black and Cameron Diaz are extremely funny. Kate Winslet and Jude Law are also wonderful. Movie good for girls night out or date night.
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Nice Movie if you go with low expectation

By Kheri
Written June 07, 2014
Good comic timing and nice action. Some of the scenes were unrealistic but acceptable as the Plot keeps you excited. Akshay was amazing and Songs were alright. Overall good movie
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