• Released
  • June 6, 2014
  • (Hindi with English subtitles; Limited 100+ theaters in top NA markets)
  • NR
  • Action/Adventure
Holiday (2014) Synopsis
After a bomb destroys the bus on which he was riding, a military officer (Akshay Kumar) foregoes his vacation to hunt down a terrorist and the sleeper cells under his command.

Movie Reviews

dipesh jajoo

By nitujajoo

By krishibabbar
Love this movie I will watch It again...

intelligent movie

By parimal_physio
After a long time seen such movie . last I saw was 16 December. ... A must watch guys...


By angelror

By rohitendra
Movie was great watched it today?...

respect to army!

By rameshdugarece

Horrible movie

By donmontalvo
Total waste of time and money....

Super hero?

By drwasi
Could have been better if had at least 25-30 minutes short running time....


By deepakapexwireless
it's an excellent movie got to watch after long time....

A soldier is never off duty

By Lifeboy007
Nicely executed . Akshay well acted. Songs are g8 . Must watch. Salute to army men who r in border fighting with enemy and keeping us safe all the time ....

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Rated NR